Thursday, November 19, 2015

The trip that was all about sex. - Tuesday and Wednesday

Well after the escort no show, I was real horned up.  The only problem was Tuesday I had a long work day.  I was in a conference all morning, and then had to drive three hours to a 4:00 meeting that lasted an hour, and then another 2 hour drive to the hotel.

I got to the hotel in another town, and started cruising the websites. It was pretty slim pickins.  I found a guy on that wanted to come and suck me off, but he wanted me to have a condom on.  I said we were good to give it a try. Condoms and I don't always get along.  The other thing is that he didn't want to watch gay porn.   He was okay with bi or she-male.  So I said fine and he showed up.

He was about 24, little less than average body, and scruff on his face and Native American (This is the second of this nationality it as many months.)  he had long hair in a pony tail, and we got on the bed and started to stroke.

He kept all his clothes on, but just whipped it down.  He had a lace thong on some guy had given to him... He had leaked into it all the way over because he was so horned up.

We played with each other, and then he started to suck me without the condom.  He was pretty good at it.  Later he put the condom on, and we gave it a try... It was okay, but I told him for me to cum I'd have to take it off... I did and was stroking as he licked my balls.  He really wanted the cum in the bag so he could take it home.  So when I was ready to let it shoot, we put it back on and wrapped up my present to him.  He was done and took it home.

The next morning he told me how much he enjoyed my gift at home.  Kinda was weird for me, but he liked it I guess.

The next day I had meeting all morning and was back in the city about 2:00.  My colleague that was with me was in the meeting till 5:00 and I thought I would head to the Spa... I did and knew I wasn't clean, so got naked and looked for some fun.   I found several guys to suck and make out with.. Highlights were I kept it up long enough to put a condom on and screw a guy... i sucked a hot young guy through a glory hole... There was another young guy about 22 that was laying with his butt up at the end.. I had him suck me, and I tried to get it up, but I had been there for 2 hours and there was none of that... I did tell the kid that he was going to get taken advantage of, and someone was going to do him raw.  He should be careful.. My daddy instincts came out.  I made out with this hot black dude for 15 20 minutes... I did not cum, but it was lots of fun.   went to a room with a tall older guy we had a lot of fun sucking and kissing... he was hot.

I of course enjoyed myself  when I got back to the hotel.  I was very horny still, just exhausted.


  1. Hmmm....why don't you just get a fuck bud instead of all this crazy shit? Just wonder if this kind of stuff really satisfies you?

    1. RB.... What great questions....

      Why don't I just get a fuck bud instead of all this crazy shit?

      I can not fuck around close to home anymore... my wife is too suspicious, and it is hard to find time to get it done. Also, it is harder to find a fuck bud that is just that. I find I get too emotionally involved, and I can not do that. Also when I screw around with the same guy it seems to get very stale... I don't know that I like that.

      second. "Just wonder if this kind of stuff really satisfies you?

      Not always, but I do enjoy group at the spas, and also the excitement of finding and getting it on with random guys is hot... Would I be satisfied with the same guy. Well if I could fully give my self to them, sure, but when you are in my position, you can't fully give yourself to someone.

      So that brings me back to should I just come out completely, leave my wife, and have a relationship with one guy...

      Read the whole blog, thus is my struggle.

      Thanks for the questions RB. I appreciate the discussion.

    2. You're over 50 and long term married. Probably too late to up end everything. I understand that.

      I've actually never been to a "spa" or bathhouse. My friends told me don't bother. You won't like it. And safety concerns of course. You seem to navigate such places with ease.

      I understand the emotional attachment thing too. Good thinking on your part not to let that happen.

    3. Bathhouses are okay... Sometimes they are a bust, but I agree they are not for everyone. Sometimes they leave me feeling quite shallow, and void, but it is all mental, you have to go in with the right attitude.