Monday, November 16, 2015

The trip which was all about sex - Monday

Several weeks ago I had a work trip headed to my favorite city.  I had been wanting to make this a fun one, and decided an escort would be part of it.  I wanted to meet up with a hot guy I had seen earlier, and make some plans with him, but he was to be out of town....

DAMN... So on to the laborious planning of finding a hot escort.   I found a guy I thought would be very hot on

As always, I do some research.  Two things on this first screen shot... Look when the ad first went up.  "Aug '15"  and then where he is traveling... Yeah right.  Then, I look at and see if anyone has posted on the forums about him.  Nothing. I even ask for 411 on him.  Nothing...

Then I see he has some reviews on a site, so I read both of them. They were pretty recent, which I usually say is a red flag, but I overlook it.  I even look for the users that posted the reviews to see if they have done others.  I didn't find any others that these reviewers have done.... another red flag.  But there are reviews... so that is good.

I sent him and e-mail and got a response.. It was fine and he gave me a price, etc... I said I would call him, which I did later.

I chat with a friend/follower of my blog and I show him the ad.  He usually has really good advice, and he was unsure.  Mostly because he was young, and was afraid he wouldn't be experienced to meet my expectations.  This made me pause.

I then did a search of the guys phone number... I found numerous adds. from backpage, as well as other places including rentmen, etc...  The pictures were different, as were the "usernames".  one picture had a tattoo, while others didn't. I did a little search on some of the pictures, and found one which had a face blocked out, came up on a different site not relating to him, but with a face....  This now concerned me, but I hadn't talked with him on the phone yet.  So I thought I would bring these things up when I talked to him.

I called and left a message, but left instructions not to call me back. Which of course he did... Thank goodness no one was home when he called.  We talked a little, and he didn't want any specifics.... but I was so flustered, I didn't get to ask him about pictures and other ads.

We made plans to meet.  He came to my room... I hugged him and told him he smelled real good, which he did.  I could tell he was real fit and looked nice...

As soon as we sat on the bed, I could tell he was funny... He asked for the "donation".   Now of course I was using the head in my pants, and not the head on my shoulders. I gave it to him.  We talked a little, and he said he didn't kiss clients, I thought that was not acceptable, but would have to do... we touched each other some, and he squeezed his packaged, and said, "you want that in you?"  I of course said, "Yes."

He asked if I had supplies, and said I had lube, but no condoms.  He said he had forgotten them.   He said, "I'll go get them."  Before I could think or say anything, and remember which head I was using, he was up and out the door......

Never to return....

I did text him.  The exchange went something like,

Me:  That was great... I hope you enjoy.
Youngguy:  I'm sorry, I was really nervous, and i'm not used to this. Maybe we should of had dinner first.
Me:  Well I'm free later this week.
Youngguy:  What about Wednesday.
Me:  Thank might work.

Then Nothing.. I did email him later in the week, and no reply..

I had a nice time by myself... and the rest of the week reflected my sexual frustrations...

NOW... What to do.. I don't want to review him, because he does have some phone numbers that might get him back to me... I don't want others to get ripped off from him...


  1. For next time, try setting up a good voice number and then you can text with the google voice app and when something like this happens I think you can give the Google voice number back to the pool... Kinda curious so I looked at the rent men and the site you were in and there are very few bottoms listed. Ha!

    1. I am going to do that. I had another person tell me that happened to them as well. I will find a way to leave comments somewhere. I just need to wait long enough

    2. Also. Versatile means bottom in the escort world. Most versatile guys don't really want to top, but they may if you push it.

    3. Is 200 an hour out of line? Do people expect a two hour minimum? I got everything from 120 to 250...

  2. When he said "donation" he wasn't kidding. Ouch. How much are you out?

    1. The donation was 3 big spots. This is more than I normally give. I guess he needed t for school.

  3. That's just infuriating! I don't care how young or inexperienced he was at playing at being an escort - he ripped you off. Karma, just think Karma...

    Tank you for your recent comment on my blog. Yep, the followers and Faithful Readers are very kind and caring people.

    1. I love Big Whack Attack. I love that you are about health as well as enjoying your self. I have some questions would love for you to research/blog about... but I'll get those to you sometime...

  4. ouch! Sorry to hear that.

    1. Yeah... but it is what it is! I'll be fine. I'm glad he only walked out, and didn't do anything worse.

  5. Sorry to hear about that. I know good cocks will cum your way for the loss of the "donation".