Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Risks

I take risks..........   I wouldn't be in the position I am if I didn't, but I ran across this craigslist post.  The poster was 29.  I continue to be surprised by the ability for people to continue to be risky after they know they are infected with HIV.  I guess the reason I post this is to remind me and others not to take risks.  Also you probably wonder why I was looking on Craigslist.  I do look from time to time, and have not acted on it lately....

Life on the home front is going okay.  The only problems seem to occur when my daughter lies.  It sets off my wife, which then turns the wrath on me, because I am a liar.

I feel sorry for my daughter, because my wife does not give her any room for error.  On grades, ("Your must have Bs. Cs are not acceptable.")  to if she doesn't go directly to the place she was headed.(Stop by and pic up a friend on the way to another friends.)

My daughter is being smothered, and I think she is a good kid... doesn't party, wants to do good, but is trying to grow up, and push away from the parents authority.

The last time I tried to calm their fighting down, my wife was going to leave and run away.  She probably wants to, but I think my daughter heard part of the rant, and now she is worried.  The rant was not anything about me, but I think my wife needs to discuss it with someone professionally.  But she won't go, because it is my problem not hers.

I have told her many times.  I have dealt with all this for all my life and am come to terms with it.  For her it is new, and she needs time, or help to deal with it.

Like I said, for the most part calm, but a little on edge waiting for my daughter to lie, for my wife to go ballistic, and the table to turn to how its my fault.

I realize I created most of the problem, but my wife is one thing I can't fix. I try to do my best.

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  1. Do you imagine that she would go into therapy if you promised to go with her. It seems to me that your wife is acting out more than your daughter though the wife probably wants your daughter to be the identified patient. Any acting out your daughter might be doing is completely understandable. She does not know the truth about why things are crazy at home, she just knows that they are. Threats of running away is something that might be expected from your teenager, not your wife.

    Best hopes for you and your family, especially for your wife as she watches her previous life falling apart. Hope that she finds the help that she needs.