Friday, September 11, 2015

Working from home is HARD

No, Not me.
Working from home is great most of the time....   Today it was good, but there are so many distractions.  The biggest distraction is between my legs.

This morning the wife was gone, so I worked all morning with out any pants on.  yep naked from the waste down.  You can imagine what that led to.

So now I need to work my hardest to get everything done for the day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Escort Website Busted

Hey guys...

Image result for rentboyhave you seen the news about the gay online escort site.  The Department of Homeland Security  (DHS)  has busted them.  It is very interesting that it was DHS that took them down.  Many speculate that it was a money issue, and not so much the illegal prostitution thing, but who knows.  I have checked several other sites, and even some sites that have reviews, and they have changed the way they are doing business.  I think the whole escort business, who thought things were all cool, are a little nervous.

Could this be the new Ashley Madison?


Monday, September 7, 2015

Next week in the Rockies.

Next week I head to the Rockies for work. I am going to be staying the weekend on the west slope.  I asked my wife to come along for the weekend, but she won't leave the farm.  I'm excited to have some time to myself, but will be wired hanging around the mountains by myself.  I'm going to look up some relatives who are baried over there and take my good camera and take some pictures.

I'm excited about it. I'm hoping to spend some great time in the Montains thinking.

I have looked on a4a in the area and there seems to be some guys out there.  We will see what happens.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Google and Me, What do we have in common.

Like Google's logo, nothing has really changed.   I'm here doing well, still traveling alot, and watching gay porn, and working, and living, and loving, and having sex with a guy here and there.

The last several times with a guy have been nice, although I have paid for all of them.  I think it is time to try the old hook up again, but that is easier said then done. It is sometimes hard to find a guy that wants a slightly overweight married 50 year old.  Especially in Denver... There are some fit men there.  I will be in BFE Wisconsin for about 3 weeks as well, not much there either.

My last two experiences in Colorado have been been nice, but both of them really didn't either want to, or were not able to top me.  So there is that... I do need that....  I've been keeping track for the year, where and when I get off... I know kinda weird, but I have found that I am having sex with my wife, more than with a man.... both are less than once a month though... I guess that is kinda sad.

I've been pretty comfortable with most things going on in life right now.  Work has been the biggest challenge probably.  Trying to stay focused on my two jobs, and prioritize is becoming difficult.

Home life is good.  We have too much land and livestock and it is keeping us more busy than we want, and taking too much money.

So.... Nothing has really changed, but it has...  maybe, that is maturity.