Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Headed to San Diego in about a month

I'm headed to San Diego in about a month for a school and to take a test.  Headed out a day early.  Hoping to find some fun, except I have to study some.  This test is important.

Any thoughts?

Monday, February 13, 2017

HELLO Morning Wood

As you know I went to the doctor and told him my cock was not getting hard as quickly and staying erect when I'd really needed it.

He gave me a Rx for some generic Viagra.

Well I've tried it several times.  The first time I decided to try 40 mg before a good jack off session.  I kept a boner through the whole hour or more JO session.  It was nice.  That doesn't always happen.

Next, Saturday night my wife and I had a real good day, and I thought it would be a nice time to have a little hetro sex.   So I took another 40 mg about 8:15.   Well, we started watching TV and she said, "I'm not feeling well and really tired.  I thought well.  I guess that was a waste of two little pills.  But.....

The next morning I woke up a little early.  Actually I didn't sleep all that well, and had a good boner.  I needed a drink and my back was bugging me so I took some advil.  The boner lasted all the way into the kitchen, and back to the bedroom.  That was hot.  I loved having a hard cock that lasted so long.

Well about 6:00 I figured that the wife had enough sleep, and I started to spoon.

I was a little nervous it wouldn't stay hard while having sex with her, but it did.  I was cautious and did it hard and fast so I ejaculated pretty quickly.  But it was good.  I guess this is going to work pretty well.

nothing planned for a while.  If you remember, I changed jobs, so I won't be traveling quite as much.