Sunday, April 12, 2015


As I posted earlier, my life has been busy.... Today is a lazy rainy Sunday morning, and so I thought I would type to you all.

Let's go back a month in time. I was to be in the Denver area all week.  I was on a drive along with my boss for a couple days.   One day I was stressing about the drive along, I was stopping in talking with clients and soon time got away.  That sensation that says go to the bathroom was dismissed, and the feeling goes away.  After a while I finally find the need and relieve myself.

Not thinking anything about it, I continue to work.  I do as normal and watch some porn in my room each night for three nights.... well of course that leads to some great LONG masturbation and edging. So three nights of some great edging.

The meeting was over, and I decided that Friday, after the meetings were over earlier than I thought I would stop by the men's spa before heading to the airport.  I had time to make sure I was ready anything before I left the hotel.  It was pretty busy at the spa... come on, it was Friday.  I got naked and headed to the showers.

I love getting naked in front of other men, it is such a turn on.  I headed to the room where there are lots of mattresses and porn playing.  Seeing not much going on, I walked around some.  I decided to spend a little time in the steam room.  I like it there, but I usually can't see shit.... I have to take my glasses off, and am pretty blind.  Finding nothing going on there, I took another shower, and walked around some more.  I found a guy to suck on in another area, and saw there was someone in a glory hole booth. I headed to the one next to him.

Image result for naked men's spaHe "fingered" the hole, and I put my cock in.  His mouth was nice an warm... I enjoyed his sucking.  I then noticed he was stroking me with his hand, and felt something different.  I enjoyed the new sensation, but then realized this was no mouth.  I pulled out and saw his ass there.... of course I didn't have a condom on.

Now.  I love to top, about as much as bottoming, but usually can't keep it up with a condom on.  So I do love to fuck raw.   I just have not done it for years, and don't know if I will ever again.  I was kind of pissed, but thought, ass in front of me, and it has been slow, so I fingered his hole for a while.  He was so fucking loose.  I could have gotten quite a few fingers in there.  That made me a little nervous. If his hole is loose, he has to be "loose".

So I moved on.  A guy later on walked up in a tight area, and grabbed my bulge.  i responded in a positive manner and we started kissing.  We headed to a room, and got some lube.  we started to kiss and it was hot.... feeling, and sucking, and kissing.  I could soon tell he was a bottom.  Well, I put on my cock ring, wrapped up the only dong and lubed things up.  I pushed in his tight hole and fucked him for a while.  It was nice.  I loved it.  but as is normal, my covered cock became flaccid.    I got it up one more time put on another condom. and fucked him for  a little longer.  We then sucked again for a while.  I enjoyed it, but I told him we needed to both go find a hot top to fuck us.

I  had spent most of my time there, and not found anyone to fuck me, so I saw a guy who was sucking a hot dude. I sat next to him and as soon as he was done slurping down one guys cum, he started on me.  I loved him sucking me off to conclusion.   It was fun having a guy suck me while other were watching.

I would rather have a more intimate time with a man, but sometimes this is pretty hot.

I got dressed and made it to the airport.  Left town and all was fine, except my bladder had been stretched, and my prostate had a workout.  I continued to have discomfort in my belly and kidney area.  I started to get worried about what that loose hole had.  After the feeling did not leave, I decided I better get tested.  I have done the online testing before and it worked well, but of course I have to find time to get my blood drawn without being detected.   I figured it out and paid through western union and got the test done.

As you can imagine, the wait was crazy.  It did come back the third day after the test. On a Saturday.  It was glorious.  only Herpes 1 which is the cold sore type.  I have probably had that for ever.

I do want to plug the testing I used.  I used  .   They were extremely helpful when I called, and although I didn't use it, they will help you get prescriptions if you need something to clear something up.  The wait was the worst, but it was exactly three days till I got the test back.  I had it done about 3:00 on a Wednesday at a Quest clinic. The results came on a Sunday about 1:00. I called a sexual health counselor, and asked about the results, and a few other things.  Cost was $225 which wasn't too bad.  I know you can get HIV for free other places, but this was nice to get the ones that are harder to find unless you go to a free health clinic.

Now to get rid of the bladder problem.

My wife and I have been doing well, and I think we need to be more intimate and now I can.  I also need to find a way to loose some weight.  I also got a letter that says it is time for a colonoscopy.

Well there you go the short story of the last month.  

Saturday, April 11, 2015

And the results are......

Image result for testing std

Well it was a long drive (3 miles) home to see if I had something bad..... I noticed while I was driving the I had a message.  I had to wait till I was home to check things out.  Well I have Cold Sores.... HSV 1 -  That is it.... I can have sex with  my wife......

phew......   I need to continue to be careful, and probably get another HIV test soon, but It is probably fine as well.   I guess the symptoms must be from a UTI, probably caused by holding it to long on a car trip.   Now to the doctor to get that cured.....

Now I can do more of this...........

Friday, April 10, 2015


Still waiting on the test results.   This is a killer!

They said UPTO 3 days.  Today is Business day two, and tomorrow is Saturday.... UGHHHHHH......

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I have so much to write about

So much to write about just so little time.

Went back to bath house.... fun, but..... glory hole dude sucks, and then puts my cock in his bare hole... Pissed me off.

Now worried about STDs.

Went to LA.   Perfect for fun, but too worried about STDs.  Great to see the ocean though.

Getting tested, waiting for results,(hopefully in the next couple days.) while no sex with wife... I'm sure she is wondering what is up.  I'm waiting for her to ask.

Work is so busy....
Life is so busy....


Life is full of surprises, and you must live it!

Keep in touch.