Monday, October 20, 2014

Exploration of my sexuality

I do love being on the road sometimes because I get to explore my sexuality, but it is probably a good idea to be home for a week.

I do like to work in my sweats, no underwear, Then I get to explore but only with one hand, with my hand down my pants.

Last week was pretty fun.  Went to two gay bars, had a guy pick me up at one.  Even though it didn't work out, it was nice to know it could happen.  Then I of course spent some time at the spa.  I do think it was a great exploration.

With all of this said I still want to stay with my wife, and we enjoy each other.  Thank God she still wants me.  Sometimes I can't believe she does.

I have lots of work to do, and can't believe I'm typing to you instead of finishing a report.

Next week I head of to small town America again,  My guess is that nothing will happen, but I hope I will get a lot of masturbation time in.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Reality hits.

How I feel a couple hours after I have a good time at the naked men's spa is so much different.  First, physically I'm tired.  Getting fucked makes a man tired.  I always am weak in the legs.  And of course you have to be careful about BMs too. I know this is not glamorous, but it is reality.

Then I seem to always eat too much.  Partially because if you are going to be a good bottom, you must starve for several hours and not eat for obvious reasons. But also I'm a stress eater.

Mentally, I go through many emotions. Guilt. Anger, fear, disgust.   You just wonder what the hell makes you continue to be drawn to something that most would think was disgusting. Although many readers think it is the norm.

I will tell you I had time and could have went back for several hours today. I drove right by the place and kepty urges inside.  My heart was beating fast as I drove by.  I didn't know if I would turn around or not.  There were more cars than last night.  I know it would have been a good time.

So.  Discussion point. Why are we drawn to the sexual side of homosexuality?.  I know that is not what it is ALL about.  Many times I think it is because we don't have any other outlets. But then again. I did go to two gay bars this week as well.  One, a guy propositioned me, but he fell Asleep before I told him it was safe to come over.

Why?  Not just because it is fun.  Why do most gay men reach to the sexual aspect so quickly?  Emotion and love are a secondary thing it seems.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Denver...... I need to stop this.... or do I? Hot Sex at Naked Men's Spas

Well I was in Denver again.  I stayed in a different part of town, and close to the second of two Naked Men's Spas in town.  Well I went to the other one.  It was closer and I thought what the hell....

So I went....

It was nicer than the first.  The indoor pool I would have actually went in.   I did get in the hot tub for a while.  The clientele was nicer looking, and in better shape, and actually more open to being approached.  I think that might have been because there were less dark corners to walk around at and more semi private places to play around.   I enjoyed the company of a couple of guys in the open.  Four to be exact.  The first guy was so fucking hot with a beautiful hairy chest.  Then I found several others to play around with.  Then a handsome, thin, 20 something black man crawled up close to me, and started to play with the guy I was messing with.  I thought Hot an orgy. I started sucking him, and he felt my ass, and asked if I wanted to go to a room.  Well of course I said yes.

When we got there, I found that he was very nice.  He said that he didn't like all the guys. His manhood grew.  It was very nice......   I enjoyed him immensely and got to watch it in the mirror of his room.  

so overall a great experience.   I was there about 6:00 to 7:15.... I won't be able to go in November, but will see what is up when the next trip comes along.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Naked Men's Spa

I started to travel to Denver.  Years ago I went to the Midtown Spa.  It was a good time.  Well since I'm starting to cover the state, I thought what the hell.  I will visit again.  It was on a Friday afternoon. It was a good time.

I found some good sex, and loved feeling sexy again....

Hope to go again this week if it works.

Hope everyone has a great fall.

Chat later.