Monday, May 30, 2016

My Memorial Day Weekend Blowjob in the trailer park

Let's start this story by saying I lived in a trailer house for one month during July in the Midwest with NO air-conditioning.  I swore I would never live in a trailer house again.  Well I have not, and after this a will do everything in my power to not do it again.

So I had been hit up Friday by this guy on A4A.  He sounded fine, and had a decent body.

I had offered to come over on Saturday, but he didn't reply until Saturday late, after I went to sleep.  The next afternoon I got on the bed and started to watch one of my favorite videos ready to enjoy the last time I had alone for the weekend.  Colby Keller and Levi Michaels are just so passionate it this scene.  I then looked at my A4A, and see that he J has responded a few minutes prior.  I said I was available, and so I got my hopes up.  He responded and we made plans.  I asked where he lived and he said Lot 49.  My mind went Shit... a trailer park.  

I have met guys in trailer parks before, and sometimes they are not bad, but my experience is that the best hookups do not come in a trailer house.  I was desperate, and needed to go to the town which was about 20 miles away to get some things any way.  My family was 3 hours out and it would be a good window of time.  He was only into oral, and so I was good, and didn't have to take too long getting ready.  

So I get the address and head to the trailer park.  First I HATE trying to find a place in a larger trailer park.  The people that design these things do not know how to number anything.  After backing up and turning around several times, I find the place.  There were no car parked in front of it and the door was ajar.  There was also a big American flag hanging on the outside of the trailer covering the one window closest to the road.  

I walked up to the door, and started to knock and the guys said come in.  It was an older place, and not real dirty, but was hotter than hell.  We finally had a sunny day and it was 80 something outside.  So it was 90 something inside.  He was holding a fan, and a cigarette.  First two damns.....  He said on his profile he didn't smoke, and two HOTTER THAN HELL.  The trailer, not the guy.  The guy was not bad looking and was in good shape, that was a positive.  

I followed him with the fan to the bed room.  He couldn't get it plugged in, so I did for him.  The Bed was a blow up bed, and he wanted to try to turn on the air conditioner.  I later learn that he is staying here because his house had burned down several months earlier.  He didn't have a clue how to get the air conditioner to work, and I was following him around trying to turn it on.  He talked constantly.  

I was looking over the breaker box with him, and I leaned into him and my body touched his and my hand touched his back.  He did reach back and feel my crotch....  He had the freezer and the freezer door of the frig open.  Like that was going to help...  He shut both of those with some prompting, and I followed him to the bedroom... I should have taken this opportunity to say this is not going to work, but I have never been good at getting out of anything.  He apologized for the trailer, and he mentioned that everyone in this town is "trailer trash", but they were nice people.  I thought the same thing.  As we were getting undressed, he mentioned how he talks to his girl friend and that her husband is in the military.  WHAT????  This guy should shut up. 

So... now what you all came for... The sex.  He sucked me.  He was decent at it.  I was really hoping to suck on his 8 inches, but it never got hard.  I did suck it for a while, but nothing.  He sucked my off while I was standing next to the "bed", and then he moved back on the "bed" and I got on top of him.  I asked if he kissed, and he said what the hell, "I'm clean."  WHAT???? You should shut up.  So we kissed for a very short period.  Then 69ed for a while.  It was again.. Okay... I at least stayed hard.  He then thought he needed to turn on the pump to the "bed".  How sexy....

I fucked his face for a while, and then I sat in a chair next to the "bed".  I got out a cock ring I had brought and put on some lube that I had brought as well.  He sucked me for a while. I started to Jack off, and getting close... He wanted to make sure he got my cum... When I was about there I let him start sucking again and I gave him my load.  He continued to suck and was jackin his cock.  He thought he could cum if he continued to have my cock in his mouth.  So we tried that for a while.  At least he couldn't talk.  

Later on he stopped sucking and said...." I'm good."  I got dressed.  He continued to talk, and said something about the people who he is staying with.... WHAT... someone else lives here???? Shit, I wanted to get out quick.  What if they show up... DAMN... 

Well he continues to talk about them being mentally slow adults and one of them still breast feeds the other and there are diapers back there?  WHAT???? I remember saying "Gross."  And he said, "I shouldn't talk about that."  Yeah.... maybe not, especially after you just sucked my cock....

Ohhh well.. my adventures in a small town... You can't make this shit up.  My cock and Colby and Levi would have been better.

By the way.. I just saw a message from him that he sent late last night.  It said, "Do you want to come back?"  My reply, "Sorry, I'm busy all day."  My REAL reply, "Hell NO!"

Sunday, May 29, 2016

I hooked up

Okay....   I gave a load to a guy. I should stop complaining.  Story to come.  It was interesting.  Trailer court. Need I say more?

Bareback VS Toxic Breeding

Okay....  I did a lot of surfing yesterday because the hook-up was illusive and found some interesting things.  On the negative side, I witnessed, again, this thing called Toxic Breeding.  I have seen it before, as I do like to watch BB porn. I know that BB sex feels better, there is something about it that just is better, but I feel we have to be aware of the consequences.

Now I know we all have our kinks, and I know that I have things I prefer, but what the hell is this crap I see on Tumblr, and others places that talks about Toxic Breeding.  Why would someone wish to be infected with HIV.

I think there is a big difference between barebacking with someone you trust, or being caught up in the moment. But what is it that makes you crave being fucked without protection by a guy who has HIV.  And is it irresponsible for a guy who has HIV to continue to infect others?

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Frustrated to find a hook up.

Completely disappointed. I had two guys who were going to hook up with me this weekend.  Both seemed to be ready to go. One last night and one today.  The one last night was too tired.

The one today was ready to go on Thursday, but after I sent my face pic on Friday I have not heard boo. Even after sending a couple emails inquiring about what time etc...

Last night I even put a CL ad in for today.  Not one email.  I guess everyone is getting it somewhere else.

I know I'm a good catch, but really need some loving and naked man time.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

New Blog

A new friend of mine has started a blog.  He is dealing with the same stuff I am, and we have started some good conversations.

Check it out.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Finding a connection at a bathhouse

The morning hookup was a bust. After planning it out to have an hour with him. A co-worker wanted to have breakfast at the same time we were to get together. It was going to be a tight meeting (pun intended). But he was such a sexy 50 year old. 
It was late when I typed the last update, but I really enjoyed one thing with dreds that I should mention. For a moment he was sitting on a bench, looking distressed. Everyone else had left and I asked if he was okay. Of course in a wispered voice as you do at a bath house. He said he was relaxing. So I sat next to him, shoulder to shoulder, towels underneath us. I touched him on his leg with my right hand, to show an embrace, and said, let me help you. Soon our legs were entangled and holding on to each other’s cocks.
This is when he soon was on top of me as I was sitting and in a way begging to have me in him. I resisted the temptation at that moment. No condoms close.
Fast forward. I moved to a different area and watches him get fucked hard. I jacked off watching and touching them and then whe the guy was done he asked, who’s next? I jumped up, told him this would be fast and came inside him in 30 seconds. He said he liked that. But then again he had been fucked hard right before.
Then we followed each other to the shower. We talked and touched and kissed some more. I gave him my email address, but I’ll be surprised if he remembers on his sex mind.
My take away is that even in a dingy, dirty place like a dark bathhouse, you can make a connection with a man. A human, that is looking for he same thing.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Ahhhhh. Denver

Ahhhhh denver

Well, the two night in Denver were a bust online. Tonight I told myself if I found nothing on the line, I would go to the bathhouse. So after failing online at about 10 o'clock I headed to the bathhouse. It was about 30 minutes from my hotel. I had never been in the evening. And hoped that it would be busier than normal. I was right and when I got there their were quite a few guys. Most of them very hot. I sucked a few really nice penises. And had mine sucked pretty well. 
If you don’t have a room, it tends to be a free for all once someone gets some action going. After sucking the nice young guys big cock, I watch him get sucked by another Guy until he came. There was a nice looking thin black guy in the mix with dreds. He is the one who sucked me for a long time. 
I walked around some, and came back to dreds. He was sitting alone and so we got into a hot 69. I could tell he was wanting me to fuck him. I layed on top of him and rubbed his ass with my cock. We soon prayed ways again. I then started playing with another guy who put a condom on me and crawled on top. He had some fun for a while win my cock inside of him. Then I fell out. After that Dreds came back and he got on top of me and we kissed and I held him close. It was nice. We gave each other complements and enjoyed each other’s bodies. We ended that and I went to a glory whole and sucked and ate out a guy there. 
Then I went down a dark hall way to see the dreds guy getting the hell fucked out of him. I jacked off and watched. The hot guy blew his load and then I crawled on top and came in 30 seconds. 
Dreds and I went to the shower and showered together and talked a little. I gave him my email. If he can remember it. I got his name, but can’t recall it right now.
After getting back to the hotel at about my midnight. I see a hottie had measaged me on a4a. Of course it was too late, but we exchange pleasantries. Then I saw another guy about my age and only 1,000 feet away was on line. He was a top and that is what I needed. He wanted me to come to his room. It was late and neither of us wanted to leave our room. So we made tentative plans for in the morning. 
We will see if that works. I hope so. He is hot.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

On the road hook-ups

I’ve been traveling off and on since 3:00 Sunday morning. The first day was a flight, and then driving 7 hours through the mountains.   It was very beautiful, but the drive plus the change in altitude was crazy.    The first two nights were in pretty small town.   I have found guys there before, but this time it was a bust.  Tonight I was in a bigger town, and have had some hits, but it is 10:00 and they seem to be all flaking out. 
I’ll be out two more nights. I hope both will be in Denver, but haven’t had good luck there.   If I get nothing tomorrow, I think I’ll head to a spa for a while on Thursday afternoon.   I’ll at least get some man time.  

Friday, May 13, 2016

Trying to hook up in a small town

Image result for gay otter naked 36
This is not a picture of him,
he didn't send one,
but it is what I was hoping for.  
So I tried to hook up in a small town.  Searched Adam4adam, and nothing available.  There were about 6 guys within 7 miles, but none I wanted were interested, or available.

I decided to put an add on Craigslist, as none of the adds there looked interesting.  I got one response.

Him: @11:28
Hey I'm matt, I live in ____________ and I am really horney  tonight,  I just seen your add, I'm 36 5'10 240 with 6 cock.
Him: @11:30
I like to kiss and suck get sucked you name it. I am available rite now
Me: @12:02
you  still available
Him: @12:36
Him: @12:37
Just tell me were to go and room number. And I'm all yours
Him: @12:51
So ?
Me: @7:51 the next morning

Sorry I had to sleep.  I wish you would have found me earlier.  

from 11:28 to when I asked if he was still available, I was jackin like crazy.  I was having a fun time on the phone sex line.   I slowed after I asked if he was available, but after about 15 minutes I decided to get off (cum)  and go to sleep.  I had to work the next day.  So?  
Yep, I missed it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The roller coaster continues

You know my last post was slightly depressing.  But when my wife got home, it was as if nothing was said. This is my new normal.   I find that I can not have any emotions at home.  I should do nothing to upset this roller coaster we are on.  But I love it here, and I love being on this ride, so here I stay.

Image result for naked rollercoaster

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A punch in the stomach

Image result for punch in stomach men
Things are going well, and then I get a punch in the stomach every once in a while. I wanted to get my teeth veneered.  That seems innocent enough, but my wife seems mad when I talk about it.  I get a little upset at her for being mad about it, but then she texts me and tells me that the last time we talked about it was during a bad time.  (I guess it was when I came out to her.)  So I call her, and she says “I think where we are is not good for my mind or my health. Something like this reminds me of our bad place ever day.”  I think she wants out but is too scared to do it, and I don’t want to go through the pain. 

I’m not ready for it, and may never be.  
I hate being in this place, but don’t know how to get out.  Don’t really want to get out.