Saturday, May 21, 2016

Finding a connection at a bathhouse

The morning hookup was a bust. After planning it out to have an hour with him. A co-worker wanted to have breakfast at the same time we were to get together. It was going to be a tight meeting (pun intended). But he was such a sexy 50 year old. 
It was late when I typed the last update, but I really enjoyed one thing with dreds that I should mention. For a moment he was sitting on a bench, looking distressed. Everyone else had left and I asked if he was okay. Of course in a wispered voice as you do at a bath house. He said he was relaxing. So I sat next to him, shoulder to shoulder, towels underneath us. I touched him on his leg with my right hand, to show an embrace, and said, let me help you. Soon our legs were entangled and holding on to each other’s cocks.
This is when he soon was on top of me as I was sitting and in a way begging to have me in him. I resisted the temptation at that moment. No condoms close.
Fast forward. I moved to a different area and watches him get fucked hard. I jacked off watching and touching them and then whe the guy was done he asked, who’s next? I jumped up, told him this would be fast and came inside him in 30 seconds. He said he liked that. But then again he had been fucked hard right before.
Then we followed each other to the shower. We talked and touched and kissed some more. I gave him my email address, but I’ll be surprised if he remembers on his sex mind.
My take away is that even in a dingy, dirty place like a dark bathhouse, you can make a connection with a man. A human, that is looking for he same thing.

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  1. The bathhouses I've been to have been pretty clean...but, yeah, if you need or want a condom they're all the way at the front desk. I typically never paid for a "room;" just a locker for my stuff. It always seemed to work out better, because out in the open things can get really hot, really fast - especially on a Fri or Sat night.
    I tested the place one afternoon and figured it would be empty... A handfull of guys were wandering around. I sat down in the video room and proceeded to jack to the porn. Took maybe 5 minutes and a black guy walked in, sat next to me, grabbed my cock and went to town. Next thing I know, we're surrounded by guys. One reaches up under the black guy and jacked him from behind. Guys stood behind me stroking their cocks.
    When I came, I came hard! This dude swallowed every drop and then licked my boner clean. I stood and another guy immediately took my place. I hit the showers, and one of the other men was there within a few minutes, his cock still hard, said "That black guy sure knows how to suck cock, doesn't he?"
    He sure does!
    I spent a good four hours there that day. Got another blowjob sitting on the side of the pool. And, just before I left, a dude in the sauna grabbed my dick. I didn't think I had anything left, but figured I'd let him try. To my surprise, my cock got hard and I blew another, small, load.
    Those are the places to go when none of the hook-up apps seem to fall into place. A bathhouse is almost a guarantee of getting ones nuts off.