Friday, October 17, 2014

Reality hits.

How I feel a couple hours after I have a good time at the naked men's spa is so much different.  First, physically I'm tired.  Getting fucked makes a man tired.  I always am weak in the legs.  And of course you have to be careful about BMs too. I know this is not glamorous, but it is reality.

Then I seem to always eat too much.  Partially because if you are going to be a good bottom, you must starve for several hours and not eat for obvious reasons. But also I'm a stress eater.

Mentally, I go through many emotions. Guilt. Anger, fear, disgust.   You just wonder what the hell makes you continue to be drawn to something that most would think was disgusting. Although many readers think it is the norm.

I will tell you I had time and could have went back for several hours today. I drove right by the place and kepty urges inside.  My heart was beating fast as I drove by.  I didn't know if I would turn around or not.  There were more cars than last night.  I know it would have been a good time.

So.  Discussion point. Why are we drawn to the sexual side of homosexuality?.  I know that is not what it is ALL about.  Many times I think it is because we don't have any other outlets. But then again. I did go to two gay bars this week as well.  One, a guy propositioned me, but he fell Asleep before I told him it was safe to come over.

Why?  Not just because it is fun.  Why do most gay men reach to the sexual aspect so quickly?  Emotion and love are a secondary thing it seems.


  1. I think it's a male thing in all depends are where you're looking.

  2. Good morning. Wow, read my blog from the beginning. I was in your shoes. Gay men do have emotions and fall in love. But how can you experience that? You are married so really don't have the time to experience gay life at leisure. You are only doing quick ins and outs. And many sex venues such as spas were created mainly to cater to in-the-closet or married gay men who have no other sexual outlet. If you were not married you would have more time to delve into other aspects of gay life and perhaps develop true relationships outside of sex.

  3. Maybe the animal instinct of the male?

  4. Hi I'm from the UK and love following your blog about your exploration of sexuality.
    I think most of the time men are just horny all the time and have a tendency to think with their dicks. I met both my ex's through one night of sexual pleasure, love developed over a period of time and it lasted a very long time.

    1. I'm glad you read. I wish I could find the time to post more.