Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nothing to see here... Move along.....

Image result for nothing to see hereNo, really.... there is nothing to see.  Life has been pretty boring here.  Not to excited to masturbate, and sex with a random creepy old guy in a glory hole just doesn't seem appealing to me right now.  I have been working and making things work around the house.  My daughter is at home for the summer, and so life will be very boring.
So...  not much to see here, but I thought I would touch base.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Life at 50 something.... So What...

I'll tell you, I just watched part of Tyler Perry's Madea movies.  Madea was giving the family hell and giving a life lesson at the same time.  She said that marriage when the couple is between 40 and 50 is the toughest time.  "The hu'ban is goin' t'ru Mid-life crises, and the wife is goin' t're minipause.  The kidts are nuts. having to take care of parents."  So true.

Image result for daddy bear masturbate50 is looking so calm.  Exciting decisions, trying to plan for more rest, the retirement.  You are on a "Don't care so much." roll.  Just want to be happy.

So what if I don't want to have sex so much.
So what if I want to sit in my room and masturbate.
So what if I now only jack-off once a week at home.
So what if I'm holding out for the perfect hook-up.
So what if I want to stay married to my wife, even though I'm gay.
So what if I need to take a little vitamin V, get it up.

Just So what.  

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Boy, was San Diego Fun

NOT.   San Diego was a bust.  It was my fault though.  I was going for a three day seminar, and a long ass test afterwards.  The test was 4 hours and 200 questions, very technical, and I was not ready for it.   So every night I was in San Diego I had to study.   I did find one guy that wanted to come over.  It likely would have been fun, but I just had to focus on my work...

I did get some good masturbation in, but that was the extent of it. 

Probably the highlight of the trip was the discussion I had with my Uber driver.  He was a young guy... about 28, good looking and had a good story.  He had moved out to San Diego from Florida about 3 months earlier with his 32 year old boyfriend.  They had known each other for about 6 months prior to that.  He had started school and was interning in his field.  I enjoyed talking to him, and imagining it was me moving with my boyfriend, instead of getting married when I was his exact age.  

As far as the rest of life.  Things are fine here.  Just more of the same with the wife and family.  dealing with parental health issues etc.   After I changed my job I have been much happier.  Not traveling as much.  I have been keeping pretty busy, but for some reason, right now have a few gigs, but kind of slow.  I hope it picks up or the bank account is going to suffer. 

All in all pretty happy.

Hope like with you is good as well.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Headed to San Diego in about a month

I'm headed to San Diego in about a month for a school and to take a test.  Headed out a day early.  Hoping to find some fun, except I have to study some.  This test is important.

Any thoughts?

Monday, February 13, 2017

HELLO Morning Wood

As you know I went to the doctor and told him my cock was not getting hard as quickly and staying erect when I'd really needed it.

He gave me a Rx for some generic Viagra.

Well I've tried it several times.  The first time I decided to try 40 mg before a good jack off session.  I kept a boner through the whole hour or more JO session.  It was nice.  That doesn't always happen.

Next, Saturday night my wife and I had a real good day, and I thought it would be a nice time to have a little hetro sex.   So I took another 40 mg about 8:15.   Well, we started watching TV and she said, "I'm not feeling well and really tired.  I thought well.  I guess that was a waste of two little pills.  But.....

The next morning I woke up a little early.  Actually I didn't sleep all that well, and had a good boner.  I needed a drink and my back was bugging me so I took some advil.  The boner lasted all the way into the kitchen, and back to the bedroom.  That was hot.  I loved having a hard cock that lasted so long.

Well about 6:00 I figured that the wife had enough sleep, and I started to spoon.

I was a little nervous it wouldn't stay hard while having sex with her, but it did.  I was cautious and did it hard and fast so I ejaculated pretty quickly.  But it was good.  I guess this is going to work pretty well.

nothing planned for a while.  If you remember, I changed jobs, so I won't be traveling quite as much.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The results are in... The doctor says...

Well... I didn't get the number, but the doctor says by Testosterone is in the normal range.  So he prescribed me some sildenafil citrate 20mg. Interesting that he gave me a generic that is normally prescribed for a lung condition so that I didn't have to buy the actual Viagra, which he said can be very expensive.

Image result for hard cockHe told me I could take 2 to 3 tablets.  I remember when I took the stuff years ago, I think I bought 100mg tablets, and cut them in 1/4 and that was enough.  I will likely take one (1) and see what happens.

I do also remember that it kept things hard for longer for several days...

I also remember that it gave me a headache, stuffy nose and red eyes.

I have not told my wife yet, but I likely will sometime.   But I will make sure I tell her I take three each time, and only take one or two and I can build up a reserve for trips....

Well... wish me luck...

Also, my cholesterol is 160.  No medicine yet, but I should watch my diet.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Doctor checks my prostate

This morning I went to the doctor, mostly for a check-up (Cholesterol, etc...).  My wife was also bugging me to go because I have been having some abdomen pain.  It was infrequent, but she thought I should go.  So I did.

Well I did get my prostate checked, I love when the Doctor explains the best way to take a finger.... I smile and say to myself.  I think I know how to do this better than you....  LOL

I did also tell him I was having problems keeping an erection.  He was going to check my Testosterone levels.  He told me that if it is not the T levels, than he will likely prescribe a low dose generic Viagra.  He said that if you take three of them it will do the job.  The reason he does that, is because the other is about $30 for a single dose.   I wanted to tell him that when I bought some on the internet i was taking 1/4 of a 100 mg and was fine.  He said that the generic Viagra was for a different diagnosis and came in 25 mg doses, and to take about 3 of them.

But first thing first.  We will see if the T is low or not.
Image result for colby keller naked
Funny thing is I was just stroking, and I kept it hard the whole time.  Maybe it was because I was watching Colby Keller.  He is my dream man.

Well we will see what comes of this. The Job adjustment starts today.  I am still busy, but it feels good.  Only one work master to worry about.

Talk to you all later.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Home time equals porn time

Hey guys.  As I stated in my last post, I was changing my jobs around, and now I won't be traveling as much.  Well today, I'll be at home, and the wife will be gone, so I see some alone time with me and some good ole porn.

My wife and I got intimate the other morning...  It was fun, and I enjoyed the intimacy.  You see I have not been with anyone for a long time...  Say about 8 months or so, and I don't count the weird time I had with some random guys sucking on me in the bookstore last month.    I mean some alone time with a human.

It was nice and everything, but I can NOT keep things hard for longer than 1 minute once I start having intercourse.  This is mostly why I have become a bottom in my gay life as well.  I like to top, but with it covered it goes down quickly, and if I feel comfortable enough, or horny enough to go raw, it still doesn't stay long, although much longer.  I just am not getting as needy in the sexual side of things.  It is good for getting work done, but not so much for what I think I should want.

Anyway.  I have a doctors appointment, physical etc... I am going to get up the nerves to say something to the doctor.  I hope he can do something and I don't have to go to an urologist.  I know I should say something to my wife, but you know me...  I don't want to talk about anything like that, because it may lead to something I don't want to talk about.  What could that be? You may ask...  come on.  You know.

The fact that I'm gay, and all of those feelings could be what causes it.  Or that I watch so much porn, and it may cause problems, or the fact that I'm afraid it may be hurting her. (As it might for some women after menopause.)

Okay... so here we go into a new adventure.  Looking forward to what it may bring.  This picture is what I hope it brings!!!
Just look at that young man's smile.  I think that turns me on more than anything.

I'll tell you it is hard to find porn that has the young "xxx" fucking the older "xxx" type.  I put in two words there, but I really don't like those labels.  

Chat later, and PS, let me know if you know any good porn scenes with this scenario.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hey: I thought I would check in

Hey everyone.  How are things going?

I have not given an update for a long time.   I have just been so damn busy.  I'm still real busy, but I quit one of my jobs.  I think the traveling will slow down a little bit.  That is good and bad, First I will not be in a hotel room as much, and also I won't be traveling to towns with bath houses either.

But you know it is funny.  I have not been hooking up for a while now.  Monday for the first time in a long time I stopped at a place with an arcade.  It was pretty lame, but I did get my cock sucked.  Let's say it was really really lame.   The guys were gross, and I even grabbed a guys hernia instead of his balls.  I thought I might throw up...

Image result for male masturbationBut for real.  I have just not really taken any chances lately.  I just haven't found it worth it.  I have gotten really good at masturbation.

Hope life is okay.  Nothing too bad, and nothing great.  Just the normal stuff.

So Hi 2017, I hope things go well.