Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quiet House

A new chapter started today.  My daughter left for college.  I will start a pretty heavy travel schedule, so that will be a challenge for my wife as well.  I'm not really "sad" because she is gone.  I am happy for her, and feel proud about it.

We are also going through the imminent death of my father in law.  He is my wife's rock, and that is going to be a real hard transition.  We all need each other now.

We are still going to a therapist and that is helping.  I think we are talking more, and our unconventional reality is becoming our reality.  
I'm happy with things right now.  I'm happiest that we made it to this point and I'm okay with staying as it is. In the past I always thought I would be ready to leave her when my daughter left home.  But it just feels right.
Love to all.