Thursday, December 31, 2015

Kinda Pisses me off.

The other day I was laying awake in bed, next to my wife, and started to think about how I got where I am today.  I reflected about our engagement party in my hometown.  

I remember standing at the bar surrounded by people I know, getting a beer, when someone I know said, "We didn't think he would ever get married."  I know my wife remembers that phrase being said, and I know I heard it.  I thought at the time, what do they know.

Well they knew exactly what I knew, and was not willing to admit, I was gay.  But society in 1995 told them to say nothing.

While I was lying in bed I started to get pissed.  At my friends, and my family, at society in the little town.  Why couldn't they say, "Are you gay?"  Why couldn't they really mean it, have a conversation about it.  I was only 28 at the time.  Never had a gay sexual encounter other than adolescent messing around.  I would have loved to have a discussion about it.

The consequences of the small town head in the sand, lets not talk about it makes me angry.  The worse thing is, I am guilty of the same thing... NOW.... But don't feel I can do anything, because I would out myself.  So then I'm mad at me, and it is a cycle.

So I go back to sleep, wake up and do the day all over again.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hit a New High

I have had over 73,000 viewers to my blog... For some they have that everyday, but for me, I'm happy with this... Not really about a big readership, it is about the important readers you have.

Have a great New Year

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hope you have a safe and Happy New Year!  

My 2015 sex in recap to come soon.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Escorts - The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful

Well, I've had my fill of escorts this year.  I decided to spend my "just in case" money.  I think I only have a few more escorts left in the stash.

If you have read some of my other stuff, you know I have has some fun, and was taken advantage of.  Here is what I have learned.

  1. Go with your gut.  If something seems weird, get out of it. 
  2. Pretty and muscular gods are not always the most passionate in bed.  
  3. Porn star escorts are actors. 
  4. Older is usually better.
  5. Passion is what makes it worth while.
  6. I can't have really good sex without kissing.
  7. I get off by the intrigue and the excitement of the unknown.
  8. Good masturbation can be better than bad sex.
  9. Bondage isn't all that.  It seems better in porn.
  10. A good top, knows how to prepare his bottom.
I have paid 6 different escorts this this year.  One I paid the most for and got a hug and a squeeze of his jeans.  One of them I have seen three times.  He is so consistent, and I love when I go to Milwaukee to see him.  I hope I can go again soon.  There was one in Denver that was excellent as well.  I wanted to see him a second time, but he was gone, and that is when I hired the young thief.  

Before the end of the year, I will give you some numbers on my sex life.  I love numbers, and have been quantifying my sex... It has been fun and interesting.  

Monday, November 30, 2015

The trip that was all about sex - Thursday and Friday

Well here is the last installment of the week that wore me out...

If you remember, Monday, I got taken by an young boy "escort" and ended up taking care of myself.  Tuesday was spent with a young native american giving me a good blow job, Wednesday was spent at a men's spa.

Thursday, was actually pretty blah... I quickly jacked off and went to bed.

Friday afternoon I went back to the men's spa.  My flight didn't leave until 8:00, and so I had some time to kill.  It was a good time...  It was a little slow, but enjoyed quite a few men.  The few things that were real hot was spending a long kissing session with a younger black guy.  It was really hot... I think we made out for 15 minutes... He was good....

Image result for blow job force porn gayThere was a hot stud walking around.  He look Greek, but he was hot, and you could tell he was full of himself.  I saw him walking around, and I looked a lot.... as we went down the steps to the basement, I followed him and noticed he turned into a dark hallway I have never been to so I followed him...  He went to a black corner, and I found that he was sitting...  All I could see was a foot... So I just stood there... to see what he would do.  He did nothing so I reached down and touched his leg.  He didn't resist, so I found his cock and started to stroke it... It was very hard, and about 8" and thick...  I got on my knees and started to suck.. He was one of those who wanted to take control... It was a great 5 minutes of sucking a beautiful hard cock.

After that encounter I watched a guy get a blowjob from a bigger guy.. big cock, big beard, bald... just what I like...  I went over when he was done to get my cock sucked by him.  I had to leave because he was going to make me cum.

I walked around a little more, but finally came back to the bald guy laying on a "bed".  He had a great beard, and we kissed a lot. His beard was pretty think and about an inch long.  I loved its feel.  I whispered and asked him if he liked to fuck ass... He said of course.  I was worried he wouldn't fit as he was very big...  He assured me he would be gentle... I got a condom and put it on him, crawled on top of him and worked to get it in...  He was so big he couldn't quite make it work that way.  But he laid me on my back and slowly stuck it in... fucked me long and hard.  It felt so good.  I loved that others came by to watch... That is always hot... he got a good rhythm going and I had a cock ring on so I got pretty hard. I lubed up and I came big and hard...  I took a shower, and then went back upstairs.

I decided that since they were giving free tests, that I would get tested... All came back fine...

It was a HOT week... Really enjoyed myself...

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you are all blessed with a great day with family and friends.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The trip that was all about sex. - Tuesday and Wednesday

Well after the escort no show, I was real horned up.  The only problem was Tuesday I had a long work day.  I was in a conference all morning, and then had to drive three hours to a 4:00 meeting that lasted an hour, and then another 2 hour drive to the hotel.

I got to the hotel in another town, and started cruising the websites. It was pretty slim pickins.  I found a guy on that wanted to come and suck me off, but he wanted me to have a condom on.  I said we were good to give it a try. Condoms and I don't always get along.  The other thing is that he didn't want to watch gay porn.   He was okay with bi or she-male.  So I said fine and he showed up.

He was about 24, little less than average body, and scruff on his face and Native American (This is the second of this nationality it as many months.)  he had long hair in a pony tail, and we got on the bed and started to stroke.

He kept all his clothes on, but just whipped it down.  He had a lace thong on some guy had given to him... He had leaked into it all the way over because he was so horned up.

We played with each other, and then he started to suck me without the condom.  He was pretty good at it.  Later he put the condom on, and we gave it a try... It was okay, but I told him for me to cum I'd have to take it off... I did and was stroking as he licked my balls.  He really wanted the cum in the bag so he could take it home.  So when I was ready to let it shoot, we put it back on and wrapped up my present to him.  He was done and took it home.

The next morning he told me how much he enjoyed my gift at home.  Kinda was weird for me, but he liked it I guess.

The next day I had meeting all morning and was back in the city about 2:00.  My colleague that was with me was in the meeting till 5:00 and I thought I would head to the Spa... I did and knew I wasn't clean, so got naked and looked for some fun.   I found several guys to suck and make out with.. Highlights were I kept it up long enough to put a condom on and screw a guy... i sucked a hot young guy through a glory hole... There was another young guy about 22 that was laying with his butt up at the end.. I had him suck me, and I tried to get it up, but I had been there for 2 hours and there was none of that... I did tell the kid that he was going to get taken advantage of, and someone was going to do him raw.  He should be careful.. My daddy instincts came out.  I made out with this hot black dude for 15 20 minutes... I did not cum, but it was lots of fun.   went to a room with a tall older guy we had a lot of fun sucking and kissing... he was hot.

I of course enjoyed myself  when I got back to the hotel.  I was very horny still, just exhausted.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The trip which was all about sex - Monday

Several weeks ago I had a work trip headed to my favorite city.  I had been wanting to make this a fun one, and decided an escort would be part of it.  I wanted to meet up with a hot guy I had seen earlier, and make some plans with him, but he was to be out of town....

DAMN... So on to the laborious planning of finding a hot escort.   I found a guy I thought would be very hot on

As always, I do some research.  Two things on this first screen shot... Look when the ad first went up.  "Aug '15"  and then where he is traveling... Yeah right.  Then, I look at and see if anyone has posted on the forums about him.  Nothing. I even ask for 411 on him.  Nothing...

Then I see he has some reviews on a site, so I read both of them. They were pretty recent, which I usually say is a red flag, but I overlook it.  I even look for the users that posted the reviews to see if they have done others.  I didn't find any others that these reviewers have done.... another red flag.  But there are reviews... so that is good.

I sent him and e-mail and got a response.. It was fine and he gave me a price, etc... I said I would call him, which I did later.

I chat with a friend/follower of my blog and I show him the ad.  He usually has really good advice, and he was unsure.  Mostly because he was young, and was afraid he wouldn't be experienced to meet my expectations.  This made me pause.

I then did a search of the guys phone number... I found numerous adds. from backpage, as well as other places including rentmen, etc...  The pictures were different, as were the "usernames".  one picture had a tattoo, while others didn't. I did a little search on some of the pictures, and found one which had a face blocked out, came up on a different site not relating to him, but with a face....  This now concerned me, but I hadn't talked with him on the phone yet.  So I thought I would bring these things up when I talked to him.

I called and left a message, but left instructions not to call me back. Which of course he did... Thank goodness no one was home when he called.  We talked a little, and he didn't want any specifics.... but I was so flustered, I didn't get to ask him about pictures and other ads.

We made plans to meet.  He came to my room... I hugged him and told him he smelled real good, which he did.  I could tell he was real fit and looked nice...

As soon as we sat on the bed, I could tell he was funny... He asked for the "donation".   Now of course I was using the head in my pants, and not the head on my shoulders. I gave it to him.  We talked a little, and he said he didn't kiss clients, I thought that was not acceptable, but would have to do... we touched each other some, and he squeezed his packaged, and said, "you want that in you?"  I of course said, "Yes."

He asked if I had supplies, and said I had lube, but no condoms.  He said he had forgotten them.   He said, "I'll go get them."  Before I could think or say anything, and remember which head I was using, he was up and out the door......

Never to return....

I did text him.  The exchange went something like,

Me:  That was great... I hope you enjoy.
Youngguy:  I'm sorry, I was really nervous, and i'm not used to this. Maybe we should of had dinner first.
Me:  Well I'm free later this week.
Youngguy:  What about Wednesday.
Me:  Thank might work.

Then Nothing.. I did email him later in the week, and no reply..

I had a nice time by myself... and the rest of the week reflected my sexual frustrations...

NOW... What to do.. I don't want to review him, because he does have some phone numbers that might get him back to me... I don't want others to get ripped off from him...

Sunday, November 8, 2015

My week.... It was like Sodemy and Go More -- ah....


Flew in. Hired an Escort... Young cute and ripped me off...  So I Jacked off.


In a different town so found a less than average young dude to come suck me off....


Went to the men's spa.... Had lot's of fun, but still needed to please myself later that night.


I was going to do nothing in the sexual nature, but my hand and I had a quickie


Went back to men's spa...  Had LOTS of fun, and got tested, and flew home...


I was home and did lots of family stuff.


Today... doing work, and headed to a new city this afternoon.

Now a post for each day exciting event.... I might have time to do that this week.  Wish me luck.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

What am I in search of?

After a week of masturbating, trying to find a hook up on craigslist or Adam for Adam. Spending a couple of hours naked with other men and a spa, let's just call it a sex club. Or hiring an escort who screwed me, and not at the butt. I wake up in the morning tired and wonder what am I looking for?

I am probably asking this because I'm tired, work is getting overwhelming, life is just blah. 

I guess today needs to be a day of work, and rest. More to come as you can see there may be lots of stories I should tell.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fuck Through a Gloryhole

Well.....  there is this hole in the wall bookstore on the way to where I was headed last  week.  It was a Sunday, and I told myself if there are at least three cars I would stop.
Image result for adult book store
There are three booths, and I thought well one worker, and if there were two others there I would at least have a little fun.  I pulled off the highway, and there were two pickups and a car.  So I stopped.

I quickly paid my money, and went into the far booth.  There was someone in the first and middle booth.  I quickly pulled my cock out and was hard as I sat in the old grimmy hard chair and looked through the hole to see who was next to me. He looked pretty slim, and had a nice cock... He was stroking, and bent down to look at me.

I invited him to put himself through the hole in the wall, and I spent some good time with his member.  He was good and hard....

soon he pulled out and wanted me to allow him to oblige me.  So of course I did.... he was good at what me did, but soon it stopped and I pulled out and he again put his cock through...

After of me going to town on his manhood, He pulled out and started to look through the hole more. I continued to jackoff, and he whispered let me see your ass...

I did and I moved it back to meet him... He fingered me, and it felt good.... soon, I could tell his cock was there... I pushed back and could feel him headed in my hole... it felt good.

I pushed more and it was great... It started to get uncomfortable, so I pulled around and spit on his cock to get a little more on it... I then held his cock and pushed back on it more... It felt good, but wished I would have brought some lube....

He hit my spot and soon I shot on the floor.   Like a naughty little bottom.... I let him slip his cock back through and I cleaned up and left.  I got to the car, and got situated.  I noticed the guy in the far booth leave right after me... He was an older guy, but the middle booth guy, the one with his cock just inside of me, got in his truck next to me.  I only got a glance, but he seemed pretty nice looking and had a cowboy hat in the dash of his truck... I followed him out of the parking lot.  He went east... I went west....

Image result for gay lubeBut the rest of the story... USE LUBE.   my asshole hurt so bad for the next 4 hours I was driving in my car.   I made it through the weekend, but going to the bathroom was sooooo painful... And usually there was some blood when cleaning up. I know it is hemorrhoids mostly... I have had that issue for ever,  That was a bout a week ago, but I have since got some over the counter meds, to make sure things come out better, and I'm doing pretty good now.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Craigslist came through

I was gone on a work trip for several days.  It included a nice weekend of non-work in a scenic location.  I spend time exploring the area, and even craigslist, a4a and squirt.

I started with an older retired CEO type that was looking for some fun.  I messaged him on a4a.  But after I sent a picture he told me he had met me in the town I was in before.  I had to correct him, since I had never been in this town before.  The next I found on craigslist, and was ready for a fun time, but he asked if I was married, and I said yes.  He said he couldn't do it.  Well said no hurt feelings, thanks for his honesty.  He showed his colors when after a period of time.  He was having second thoughts and wanted my picture.  This was after I had already had an adventure, and I ignored him.

I also replied to a craigslist post that sounded interesting.  His stats were good, and he was about a year younger than I.  we communicated several times, and were able to pick a time in the afternoon for him to come over.  I drew a hot bath in the inroom air jet tub, and waited for him....

He was hispanic, had a nice body, and was very horny.... we kissed, sucked and sucked some more in the tub... it was a good time there.  We then went to the oversized shower to lather and rinse off... we then went to bed for some more hot rolling around.

As he was on his back and me strateling him, sucking on his nice cock,  he readied my tight pink hole for his assault.    He did a great job back there, because when it was time to having enter my man hole, it felt so wonderful.   We tried many positions, until he shot his wonderful load into the condom that was deep inside of me.

I pulled the condom off, and put his juice on my chest and continued to jack off as he helped me along....

Another shower and off we went.

The next night I found a horny younger guy on A4A to come over so I could cum on his chest.

Then several days later headed to a men's spa... met a black man there that was beautiful... was bald with a beard... ohhhhhh that is so hot... we sucked and both came while the other jacked us off... he was hot...

Great! Trip!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Working from home is HARD

No, Not me.
Working from home is great most of the time....   Today it was good, but there are so many distractions.  The biggest distraction is between my legs.

This morning the wife was gone, so I worked all morning with out any pants on.  yep naked from the waste down.  You can imagine what that led to.

So now I need to work my hardest to get everything done for the day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Escort Website Busted

Hey guys...

Image result for rentboyhave you seen the news about the gay online escort site.  The Department of Homeland Security  (DHS)  has busted them.  It is very interesting that it was DHS that took them down.  Many speculate that it was a money issue, and not so much the illegal prostitution thing, but who knows.  I have checked several other sites, and even some sites that have reviews, and they have changed the way they are doing business.  I think the whole escort business, who thought things were all cool, are a little nervous.

Could this be the new Ashley Madison?