Friday, October 9, 2015

Craigslist came through

I was gone on a work trip for several days.  It included a nice weekend of non-work in a scenic location.  I spend time exploring the area, and even craigslist, a4a and squirt.

I started with an older retired CEO type that was looking for some fun.  I messaged him on a4a.  But after I sent a picture he told me he had met me in the town I was in before.  I had to correct him, since I had never been in this town before.  The next I found on craigslist, and was ready for a fun time, but he asked if I was married, and I said yes.  He said he couldn't do it.  Well said no hurt feelings, thanks for his honesty.  He showed his colors when after a period of time.  He was having second thoughts and wanted my picture.  This was after I had already had an adventure, and I ignored him.

I also replied to a craigslist post that sounded interesting.  His stats were good, and he was about a year younger than I.  we communicated several times, and were able to pick a time in the afternoon for him to come over.  I drew a hot bath in the inroom air jet tub, and waited for him....

He was hispanic, had a nice body, and was very horny.... we kissed, sucked and sucked some more in the tub... it was a good time there.  We then went to the oversized shower to lather and rinse off... we then went to bed for some more hot rolling around.

As he was on his back and me strateling him, sucking on his nice cock,  he readied my tight pink hole for his assault.    He did a great job back there, because when it was time to having enter my man hole, it felt so wonderful.   We tried many positions, until he shot his wonderful load into the condom that was deep inside of me.

I pulled the condom off, and put his juice on my chest and continued to jack off as he helped me along....

Another shower and off we went.

The next night I found a horny younger guy on A4A to come over so I could cum on his chest.

Then several days later headed to a men's spa... met a black man there that was beautiful... was bald with a beard... ohhhhhh that is so hot... we sucked and both came while the other jacked us off... he was hot...

Great! Trip!

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  1. Woo hoo, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I'll have to find some of that as well.