Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hey: I thought I would check in

Hey everyone.  How are things going?

I have not given an update for a long time.   I have just been so damn busy.  I'm still real busy, but I quit one of my jobs.  I think the traveling will slow down a little bit.  That is good and bad, First I will not be in a hotel room as much, and also I won't be traveling to towns with bath houses either.

But you know it is funny.  I have not been hooking up for a while now.  Monday for the first time in a long time I stopped at a place with an arcade.  It was pretty lame, but I did get my cock sucked.  Let's say it was really really lame.   The guys were gross, and I even grabbed a guys hernia instead of his balls.  I thought I might throw up...

Image result for male masturbationBut for real.  I have just not really taken any chances lately.  I just haven't found it worth it.  I have gotten really good at masturbation.

Hope life is okay.  Nothing too bad, and nothing great.  Just the normal stuff.

So Hi 2017, I hope things go well.


  1. Happy 2017.

    Masturbation is really not so bad, haha. Have you considered joining BateWorld? (bateworld.com) It's filled with guys who are super into masturbation, often as their preferred form of sexual activity. Guys also use it as a hookup site for more than "just" masturbation, although the administrators try to keep it jerk-centric. May or may not be your scene, but just thought I'd mention it.

    Best, - Bruce (aka "youknowthatoneguy" on bateworld)

  2. Well, I'm glad to have an update. I thought something horrible had happened. Jacking off is better than a bad blow job any day! Happy new year!

    1. Happy new year to you as well. I often wonder if I died suddenly how would anyone in my secret world find out. I sometimes wonder if I should give the info to someone that is part of my gay life, and I trust the okay to post something somewhere when I go.... I don't know. Is that morbid?

  3. Welcome back...just checking back in myself, I get so busy at times it is hard to find time to see what you guys are up to as well. Hope you have a great start to your year!