Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Family Man is So Sexy

There is something about a family man.  Now don't take this wrong, it is nothing perverse.  I like the MAN, who is loving and caring, and you can see that they love and care for their children.  These images warm my heart, but really make me turned on for the MAN.

There is just something sexy about a MAN being playful at heart, and connecting with their kids. Am I the only one out there that finds that sexy?

Friday, December 26, 2014

That's the way a hook up should be

Hey all.  I was hanging out in a new state for me.  Landed in Pittsburgh and drove for a couple hours to the middle of know where PA.  Got in the hotel and logged on to A4A like I always do.  I noticed a guy was on my screen only a couple hundred feet away.  Anymore, I am more of the wait and see type guy.

I did just that... went and ate, and was helping myself to some porn, but watching the A4A just in case.  I noticed the close guy came back on again.  I took the leap and messaged him, and said "You seem to be close."

Not him, but a good depiction.
We chatted and he was in my hotel, on my floor.  I told him I would love some company, and he said he would rather see me before he agreed to anything.  So we met at the ice machine.  He was a little younger than me, bald (YES MAN), nice looking.  When he saw me, he asked if I wanted a drink.  I said sure.

We went to his room, and the only bad was he smoked.  But he offered a drink and we drank it, and talked a little.  When we were done, he said, "Let's give this a try.
Not me, but look at those eyes!

I was heaven!  I nice guy... kissing, hugging, getting naked.  We do only oral, and hot body contact.... he loved it, I loved it...  We rolled on the bed, made out, played naked for a long time. He came on my face!!!! I shot across the room!!!!  It was really nice.

This is how it should be... Spontaneous, not forced,

A couple weeks later I went back to Denver's Men's Spa.  It was pretty dead, but net some nice guys this time. Got off, sucked but was not fucked.  Boooo!!!!  But I did fuck an older guy for a while.  At the end this younger guy came up to me.  He did not want me to touch him.   So fucking weird.  He had a Viagra hard cock.. I sucked him a little, and he was a shove it down my throat type.  I had just came, and wasn't really into it, and luckily he left.  It was an good experience.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas.