Saturday, April 23, 2016

Trying to hook up was a bust

Well I gave it the ole college try.  One guy sent me a pic, and damn, he was hot.  I wish we could have made it work.  Maybe I can keep in touch.  I asked for his actual e-mail address and we will see if that is to follow.

The other two were very interesting.

Looking for a regular guy who only has sexual contact with his wife and me. I'm 6 one and 190 lbs 60 yo married. 

The other one said the following... 

His E-mail:  Damn I wish I was available in the morning
I gave him several other options.  He wanted to know if I was local.  
  He e-mailed back:  
Ok..really looking for exclusive only!
No strings here too. But refuse to play second fiddle. 
Looking for regular play schedule & I can always host for safe discreet safe fun. 
My pic attached. Hmu.
He was real hot as well.
What I find in was interesting is the other two wanted exclusive fucking... I wonder if this is more common now?  I have not hooked up around here in such a long time.  Interesting...
So I'm deciding if my hand is going to be busy or not....  I think I might just do that again before the wife gets home....

Friday, April 22, 2016

damn I hung up on a hottie

Andy and I spoke on the chat line last night.  He was extremely HOT, and I screwed up and hung up.  Send me a note... I hung up by accident.  I hope you find the blog.   I want to keep in touch.

Damn..... This really pisses me off.

Looking for a Hook-up

decided to post a CL posting for the first time in a long time.

I guess I'm horny.

Looking at my account I first started posting in 2006... Wow, how time flies.

Wish me luck.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Boring work

Nothing too exciting going on in my life, so I'm working and watching my feeds.  I see this picture come across my tumblr feed and had to share it.   Something about it turns me on incredibly.

Part of it is that I LOVE hairy legs.  I like a hairy chest too, but just the right amount.  But legs..... OHHHHHHH my.

Friday, April 15, 2016

I'm Addicted

I'm addicted to Blogs.   I have got to get some work done this morning.  All I have done is checked my Tumblr feed and Blogger read list.  I have read some great stories, and saw some great looking men.

I then logged off, and all I have the urge to do is go and check it again.

There is not going to be anything new.........   Why am I looking again?

Go on...


There is nothing to see here....

Monday, April 11, 2016

Fuck count is WAY off this year

I'm a numbers guy....   And I find these statistics interesting. I'm enjoying myself a lot more this year.  The reasons I'm not having sex with other people are apparent to me.  I am not traveling as much to places that allow me to hook-up.  Also when I go, I will not be paying for sex, so that will limit the number of guys.  As far as my wife, it will be less because of age. We are having issues that don't allow for it as much...  We need to figure that out. 

I guess I'll be doing lots of this.

This is the number of days between ejaculations in each activity.

                    2015            2016 YTD     

Alone          4.11                   4.08
Man           16.22                 34.00
Wife           36.40              102.00
Total            3.17                   3.52

Monday, April 4, 2016

Anderson Cooper - Vanderbilt and Me

He is so fucking sexy,
and beautiful.
I watched CBS this Morning and the story about Anderson Cooper and his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt today.  I think of this handsome man, and all he has been through.  The loss of his father at a young age, and the the death of his brother, who jumped from a balcony to his death, and wonder, how do our lives compare.

I'm not talking about the money, and fame, we know where that stands.  But where his life as an out man, is different than mine.  What if I would have had the courage to be OUT. Either when I was a kid, or now.  There are times I want to be free of this lie, of this life I have built.  But then, I have to sit back and realize that I have build a great thing.  Others would disagree, but I'm 51, I have a career, I have built a family that is loving and full of life.  We care for each other, love each other despite our differences.

Then I read this contrast in family.

Los Angeles father allegedly killed son because he was gay.

I do have an extended family that is homophobic, but would never go this far.  Last time I was home, my father was lamenting over his friend's son who is gay and living in New York with his husband.  They have a family vacation, and take family pictures during it.  He can't believe that his friend is okay with the pictures of the gay son's husband in the picture.  More so that they would post it on Facebook.  And furthermore, how they would allow this behavior next to the gay son's sister's kids.  Showing it as normal. Of course I sit and just listen.  Say nothing, wanting to debate him on his views.

I guess it brings me back to what makes one life better than another?  Just because one is out, does that make his life better?  Is one life more moral than the other?

I say NO.  It is different.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring on the Farm

During the spring and summer, mowing and working in the yard take a lot of my time.  During the prime time it takes us about four hours on average a week of mowing time, and this is with a 60" Deck zero turn John Deere.

I was out working all morning, seeding more grass, and picking up limbs from the winter.  I came in and masturbated, will get some lunch and go back out for my mowing time. You know I actually don't mind mowing.  It is a way to clear your head. Listen to some music, and zone out.

I hope everyone else has a great weekend.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Secret Friends.....

I often think about the people I meet online, and otherwise that I become friends with.  Most of the time these friendships are short lived, or I have limited interactions with them.

One in particular, I e-mail about twice every year, just to check in.  He is about 10 years older than me, but we met in a chat room looking for phone sex in about 1998.   He lived in New Jersey, but worked in New York City.  I have no clue which website we met on, but we spoke on the phone and got off together many times back then.  It was pretty exciting.  I remember when the terrorist attacks on 9-11 happened.  He was the first person I thought of.  I couldn't call him at work until the next day or so.  He wasn't that close to the bombings, but it effected him.

We talked through the coming out to our wives, and how life is going.  I have never met the guy.  I would love to do that, not that much to have sex, but just to talk.

I have another friend that I have not talked to in over a year.  He lives in a town close to me, and we used to talk daily.  We first met to have sex, but ended up in the end we just talked about who we did or couldn't do etc...  I think we met in 2003 or so.  Once I came out to my wife I stopped talking to him, because my wife was suspicious of me.  It was easier.  I miss our conversations.  He has since divorced, and came out.  Last I knew he was living with a guy and was quite happy.  We are not more like old friends, although there was a time I would have considered him like a brother.

I often wonder if I was on my own, and out to everyone, how these friendships would blossom, or change.  Would I expect more out of them?  Would the continue?  I think they would.

Now I think those friendships are happening on this blog.  The people who read mine, and those that I read.   The conversation is a bit more public, but it still meets that need.

But it is interesting how the "life in secret" works.