Saturday, April 23, 2016

Trying to hook up was a bust

Well I gave it the ole college try.  One guy sent me a pic, and damn, he was hot.  I wish we could have made it work.  Maybe I can keep in touch.  I asked for his actual e-mail address and we will see if that is to follow.

The other two were very interesting.

Looking for a regular guy who only has sexual contact with his wife and me. I'm 6 one and 190 lbs 60 yo married. 

The other one said the following... 

His E-mail:  Damn I wish I was available in the morning
I gave him several other options.  He wanted to know if I was local.  
  He e-mailed back:  
Ok..really looking for exclusive only!
No strings here too. But refuse to play second fiddle. 
Looking for regular play schedule & I can always host for safe discreet safe fun. 
My pic attached. Hmu.
He was real hot as well.
What I find in was interesting is the other two wanted exclusive fucking... I wonder if this is more common now?  I have not hooked up around here in such a long time.  Interesting...
So I'm deciding if my hand is going to be busy or not....  I think I might just do that again before the wife gets home....


  1. Hmmm... I think with the resurgence of STDs (including HIV) more men (especially the married bis) are looking for someone they can call a regular fuck-buddy.

  2. you may have missed out this time, but the hunt is fun...right?!

  3. You know, usually it is. This time, a little less. I think I had such low expectations that I wasn't as in to it. I did find a guy that I will try to hook up with latter.