Monday, April 11, 2016

Fuck count is WAY off this year

I'm a numbers guy....   And I find these statistics interesting. I'm enjoying myself a lot more this year.  The reasons I'm not having sex with other people are apparent to me.  I am not traveling as much to places that allow me to hook-up.  Also when I go, I will not be paying for sex, so that will limit the number of guys.  As far as my wife, it will be less because of age. We are having issues that don't allow for it as much...  We need to figure that out. 

I guess I'll be doing lots of this.

This is the number of days between ejaculations in each activity.

                    2015            2016 YTD     

Alone          4.11                   4.08
Man           16.22                 34.00
Wife           36.40              102.00
Total            3.17                   3.52


  1. Well, I'll say that there's nothing wrong with cumming alone... May not be as exciting as with someone, but it should be enjoyable. And it's important to ejaculate every other day, or at least twice per week to minimize the risk of prostate cancer.
    As for finding a solution with your wife...well, it really has diminished. If it is for medical reasons, it's understandable. If it's lack of interest, both of those issues can be solved by a doctor. If it's just that she no longer wants to have sex with you...I wonder...I wonder if some side-by-side masturbation might help. This is something suggested by many therapists for married couples. The exhibitionism of it fires up people more than they realize.
    In any case, keep the semen flowing!

    1. I love cumming alone... maybe too much.

  2. Hm... You're a hot guy. Finding a guy won't be that hard. But I can see how paying can stack the odds in your favor of both cutting down the time to get something going and also in finding a guy that you're really into. Just don't discount yourself. You're a cutie.

    1. You are so kind.... I do have a hard time finding someone in the large Midwest town I travel. The sites are full of gym fit guys that are looking for the same, and others that are not looking for a married guy. The other thing is I'm so careful about when I invite them over because I need to be available for phone calls. I think that is why the spas are a good fit for me. I can schedule the time, and know time looking.