Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Sex with my wife

I love my wife, and actually sex is pretty good with her, but we have not been intimate very much lately.  I decided to initiate the other night and well, it was bad.  It is really not her fault.  She is of the age where sex is painful for her post menopausal self.  We have talked about it a little, and I know she has tried some things from the doctor, but I try to be aware of it.  Some of the prescriptions she could get were not worth the money, because you have to do everyday, to have sex once a month.

I of course take some Viagra to make sure I can keep it up during the process of making sure it is comfortable for her.  That part is not very sexy.  She was pretty excited while I was digitally stimulating her, but she always wants me to stop before she orgasms. This time I couldn't get much in before I could tell by the look in her face that it was uncomfortable.  I just couldn't do it when I knew it was painful.  She may have let me, but I can't.

Maybe we will talk about it when it is right.   Shit she doesn't even know I take Viagra. I don't tell her, because I'm sure she would count it.   Want to know when I use it.

Life as a gay may married to a women.  Just one more challenge.

Friday, May 25, 2018

I wish I knew what this was all about?

There is a guy that is always 2 miles from me who has such a hot cock.  But his profile says.

"Good looking guy that wants to be a toilet for another.  If you are just a big talker that never actually wants to meet or a flake move along.  Looking for real experiences and not into wasting my time on bullshit.  I am a ver nice kind kinky guy."  It says he is "Out".

I'm intrigued.   I would pee on someone if they really ranted it, but I would NOT do any more.   I want to chat with him, but I think, ohhh I'm not going to meet him anyway, but just so damn curious.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What did he want?

While I was in Louisiana I was chatting with this guy.
This is all his profile said.  We talked on Wednesday, and I told him I may be available on Thursday.  This was the same day I scheduled to meet the BiMM from my last post, but he stayed in touch and I thought oh maybe, you never know.   

I guess I should have asked more questions.  Here is our conversation.  It is in reverse so read from the bottom up. I'm the oo691 he is 90.

I guess I was gullible, and with him being so coy I decided to play it safe.  I was a little nervous that he was a cop.   So I passed.  He was pretty good looking and had a great body.   

BTW.  I did bring some money and was thinking about hiring an escort.  I guess I saved some money this week.   I'll tell you, I did eat some amazing food though.  Went out with some fellow attendees of the meeting and had some crawfish one night and went to a real nice Italian place and had some great seafood.

Chat later.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Topping in Louisiana

As I mentioned before, I spent a couple days in Louisiana.  Not really in New Orleans, but near the airport. I found some guys real close to me, but none were eager to meet, or were only bottoms, and that is not really what I was in the mood for.

I did chat with a guy Tuesday night that was hot and married.  He wanted to meet in the worst way.  BiMM He was a Versatile Bottom on paper, but I knew he may be interested in more.  So we made plans for Thursday afternoon when I got out of class.  Of course I always forget the last day we get out early, and I wanted to head down to Bourbon Street.  But I thought, Hmmmmm.... get naked with a man in my hotel, or head to Bourbon Street.  Which.... I choose naked with a man.

He came by about 5:00 after work.  He was a nice looking guy with a nice body.  As you can see from his picture, he was pretty hairy.  And I LOVED it.  His hairy legs and chest turned me on.  We started with a great embrace from behind.  He was staring out my hotel window and I hugged him from beyond, kissing his neck.  He liked it, but said he better use the restroom before we get started. We continued where we left off when he returned.  He quickly took his shirt and pants off and I was feeling his body.   after both of us getting naked, I laid on the bed and he gave me some quick head. He had an great warm mouth.   I enjoyed his mouth on my hard cock. 

He rolled over, and I laid next to him starting to kiss hem and rub my hand up and down his chest.   I got on top of him and started to make out more.  His hands were all over me, as mine were him.   I kissed down his chest to his nipples.  He started to moan when I spent considerable amount of time on them.   I think put our cocks together and stroked them, and took my glasses off.  I move to his thighs with my mouth. My beard licking and touching his thighs, paying particular attention under his balls.  They were really hairy, and I couldn't help but get high on his all day man smell.  It was heavenly.

You know that smell, a man and his crotch.   Not dirty, but clean smell of a man that has not released his balls all day.  I couldn't get enough, just smelling, licking, and eventually taking his balls into my mouth.  intentionally not licking or touching his cock.  when I had all the smell taken in, I lightly caressed his cock with my tongue.  Starting to suck him more and more.   Getting him good and hard.  He of course didn't have a lot of time.  Married men are on a schedule.

He wanted me to fuck him.  We started with him standing up bent over, his hands on the dresser.  I put on my rain coat, and lubed up his hole.  As I put my finger in I could tell it was going to be a nice fit.  I fucked him like this for a while.  Then I sat on the bed and he sat down on me.  He then bent over the bed and I fucked him good and hard this way.  My hands roamed all over his back, but paid close attention to his hairy legs.  I made sure mine were touching them as much as possible.  

To end things up, he got on top of me and rode my cock.  I knew I was not going to cum with the condom on so I put some lube on his cock and made sure he came with me inside of him.  

After cumming, he rolled over and laid next to me.  This of course is like a married man too.   He wanted me to cum, so I started to stroke.  He was not too in it, He had already shot his load.   I stroked for a while, telling him I was going to be a while, as I had came each night this week.   He understood.  I did make sure before I left to put his limp, wet cock in my mouth.  It was too sensitive for me to suck or move, but just the taste, and feel in my mouth was wonderful.

We took a quick shower for him to clean up any mess, and he dressed and was on his way at about 6:00ish.

I was talking with another guy, and was hoping to get fucked later on, so this was okay with me. He said he would have fucked me too if we would get together again, but of course that was not going to happen this trip.

Monday, April 30, 2018

A week out of town is fruitful (fuckful)

I wish I could read peoples minds, and know that people on Adam4Adam are going to be truthful and do what they say they will do.  I'm sure you have all thought that if you have cruised an online "dating" app.   I'm sure people have thought that of me as well.

I spent a week in another Midwest town that ended up being surprisingly open to meeting and I having two encounters, and at least one decent chat.  As I was driving into town, I got a message from a guy, about 4 years older than me.  He was wanting to meet after his flight landed.

His profile didn't mention it, but I could tell he was married and was going to stop before he drove home to the wife.  This was the case, and as I was driving, (I know dangerous.) and he was getting to load his plane me made it a date.  When he landed I gave him the hotel, and when he got to the parking lot I gave him the room number.

He was not the best looking and his face looked worn, but body was decent and I have held off coming all evening until he showed up at about 12:30 am.

He was only into oral.  some kissing, but no but play.  He was a good cock sucker, and I enjoyed him cumming down my throat.  I then masturbated for less then a minute before shooting over my head.  Remember I had played with myself naked all evening, and had taken the big V.

It was good, but was it great.  No.

I started talking to a guy on Wednesday night about 9:30.  I really wanted him, and he sounded so nice, Asian, and younger, and had a great body.   He liked that I was older and I should have pulled the trigger and drove the 15 minutes to his place, but my wife hadn't went to sleep, and I always wait for that because I don't want to be called and caught off guard.  He had a great conversation about life and sex.  We would have grooved, and I should have made sure we could get together the next night.

I didn't because I had been talking to another guy before I even left home, and we had set up a date on Thursday after I got off work.  He didn't tell me he was married, but he was.   This is important because he was in a hurry,  had to leave quickly.

He had a good body and face, and was very passionate.  The only negative was he was a tongue kisser.  You know the type, you go in for a passionate kiss, and the tongue goes in your mouth and won't leave.  It is HUGE, and it sticks in your mouth.  That is not kissing.  It is gross.  But, I got passed that.  We got on the bed and enjoyed some naked touching and then he sucked on me.  I sucked him I could tell he wanted fucked.  I had taken some more V so I but on a condom and started to fuck him.   He kept saying.... "Come on, give me your cum.  Cum Now.   Give it to me."  I told him it would take a while.   Especially in a condom.

I fucked hard, and I was timed.  So I told him I would cum if he fucked me. So I covered up his nice sized cock, and climbed up on him.  I rode that cock, and he came in me(condom) and I finally shot my load on his chest.

It was good, and was satisfying, but was hoping for more time.  He apologized and said he would make sure he had more time next time.  Well, we will see about next time.

I would likely do it if he certified that he was now a good kisser, and that his tongue use was appropriate.

So.... All in all a good time was had.  I got back into the naked man game for a while.

Next week I'm headed to New Orleans by the airport.  I don't expect to have much luck there.   I will likely enjoy my had skills I have developed.

Chat later.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Busy Hands

Well....  I've still stayed real busy.  No time to think about men, sex, or even masturbating.  I just got done watching a little porn.  I was thinking yesterday morning, that I think it has been a week or so since I have had an erection.  Yeah, that is unusual for me.

So I found an hour I was going to be alone this Saturday morning, and I decided to watch some porn and rub one out.   Now off to more book keeping, and research and memo writing.

So idle hands are the devil's workshop.   I guess I've been to busy to worry about it.

Peace out.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

2017 was a year

Well 2017 was a busy year.  My wife and I purchased and are running a business, I quit one job, We had other family happenings going on. 

On the sex side, well.  I think I might of had sex with a man early in 2017, but I don't really even know.  I did suck one little tiny dick at a roadside "adult" store.  It is gross, and I don't stop very often. 

One "funny" story about hooking up.  I was in a town about 30 minutes from my home town doing some work.  I posted on craigslist, and got a guy interested in coming to my room.  I agreed, and was about to give my room number when he messaged that he was in the parking lot and cops drove in and he left.  I found out he was from my home town.  Close to my age.   Well that was weird.  I'm glad he didn't come by, but it makes me pretty curious. 

Now remember I had about 32 kids in my high school class, so this is a small town.  I likely knew him.   

I have had a few "almost met" hookups, but I think this year is a
new LOW record since I started hooking up with men.  Even my masturbation has slowed down a lot.  My doctor did check my T levels, and seem to be okay, so I don't think that is it.

I think I've talked about this, but I started taking a generic version of Viagra.  It is actually used to increase blood flow in the lungs, and my doc prescribed it to me.  Don't use it much. 

Not a lot else to tell.  I hope 2018 does well for everyone out there.