Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Hot young guy came back for more.

Well after I left the arcade I continued to stroke my cock off and on for the next hour and 1/2 or so.   I earlier had purchased some gay erotic stories on audible.  I had listened to them before I got to the arcade and on this next little bit.   It was snowing lightly, but the road was not white, so I was not worried.   I stopped for dinner and it was starting to get dark, so I put my cock away, and drove with my pants on.  I had about another hour and 1/2 to drive to get to my destination.

It started to snow quite a bit for about 30 minutes and the road was getting slightly white.  So of course I had to slow down.    When I was about 20 minutes from my destination I looked at my Adam4adam mailbox and had a message from my young guy that was out this way.   He wondered where I was.  I was telling him and it seemed as if tonight would be the best for him to come by, as he is about 90 miles from my destination, and would have to stay the night.   He said he could get to my hotel room at about 10:30 in the evening.  I got in about 7:30.   So I of course got situated and cleaned up, inside and out.

He asked if I would help pay for his gas, and of course I said I could.   He was running late, and knocked on the door of my hotel room at 11:00 pm.   He went to the bathroom and was ready to get to it.   He sat on the edge of the bed, and I walked up to him and started to kiss him as he kissed me back.  We made out for a period of time.  I think the only words spoken up to that time was "Hi, How are you?" and, "I have to pee bad."   We took of shirts and started to touch each other and he slid my sweat pants down.   I had taken 60 mg of the magic pill that afternoon about 2:00 but I also took an extra 20mg at about 9:00 when I knew he was coming.  I WAS HARD.  He touch me and played with my cock.

I pushed him down on the bed and continued to kiss him, and then undid his pant and pulled his pants off. and he took one sock off, and I took of the other.  I laid on top of him and started to kiss down his body.  He pushed his arms up and I spent some time in his pits.   I kissed down his stomach to around his cock.... I kissed down his cock to his legs.   I LOVE his hairy legs. I played with and kissed his feet, and then back up his legs to his cock.  I deep throated his cock and sucked it well.  He is real sexy and has one of the hardest, most beautiful cut cocks.  I squeezed his balls as I sucked.   I kissed back up to his face with his black scruff and touched him we then both laid on our sides, continuing to kiss passionately, and touching each other. 

He got on his knees and started to suck me for a while. Even though last time I sucked his ass and got him hot so he wanted my cock in his ass, this time I was going for his cock inside me.   He sucked for a short period, and he laid back down next to me.   I asked him, "What do you want to do to make you happy, what would you want to?"   He said in his masculine soft voice, "What ever makes you happy."

Ohhh he is so sweet, and hot, and hard. 

I quickly went back to his cock and stroked him and sucked him hard.  He never went soft.  His nice young cock would star hard.

I picked up the lube, put some on his cock and stroked him up and down, put a little on my tight pucker, and climbed on top of him.  I slid that hard manhood in just till that first tight sphincter.   That spot that is slightly painful until you get past it.   I looked in his eyes and he knew it was going to be tight.   I pushed down further until his hot raw cock was all the way inside me.   I started to ride him, and he would move up and down inside of me.  I loved looking in his eyes.  He said lets do another position.   He rolled me on my back with his cock in me most of the time.

I laid on my back with my legs in the air.  He fucked me hard as I watched his face.  It felt so good and I stroked my cock and touched his body, reaching for his balls.  I loved it and smiled to show my approval.  He smiled back.  I love it when a guy smiles at me while he is fucking me.  I was moaning for more of his hot cock.  I then turned over on my stomach and he slid on top of me and stock his big member inside of me.  He started to pound me real hard.  He was going so deep it was hurting a little.  I let him pump me hard for his ecstasy, but it was hurting with each thrust.  I asked him to ease it up a little and he obliged, fucking with deep faster strokes.   He wasn't stopping.  He pulled me up and played with  my cock, but I was pushing back against him as he continue to thrust his cock in and out.

Ohhh it was hot.   He finally hit his limit of pleasure.  He unloaded his man juice deep in my hole.

Ohhhh my it was hot...  I asked him to leave it in my and he did for a while, and laid on top of me, and then got up and went to the bathroom.  He cleaned up his cock in the bathroom, and I went in to wipe my love hole of any loose cum on the outside.

He is shy and when it is done, so is he.   He got his underwear on and got under the covers.  I had not cum yet and crawled into bed naked... Of course.  I pulled the covers down and said I would sleep nude, but I had to cum or I wouldn't sleep.  It was about midnight.

I did pull down his underwear and sucked his limp cock for a while, and he started to stroke my hard cock.   I ended up jacking as he touched my balls lightly.   I came so hard it shot all the way up my torso.

It was after midnight, so the lights went out and we went to sleep.  Not too much talk.

The next morning his alarm went off at 6:00 and I rolled over close to him.  His back was too me but I large spooned him and touched his legs and rubbed his cock.  He stretched straight, as if to move me back, and he said he needed to get going.   So up he got went to the restroom, put on his clothes and we said goodbye.  No kiss, No hug.... But he did say, "Let me know when you are back up this way.

He is a deep guy, but is hot to have sex with.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

travel and an arcade

Hey guys.   I was out of town this week, and well, I had a lot of fun some with myself, and some with others.

I left on Sunday and stopped by the roadside adult arcade in the middle of no where.  Earlier I had stopped at an adult "superstore" and got some new lube that was sucky, and a new cock ring.  I had been playing with my cock for at least an hour as I was driving down the interstate.  Remember this is in a rural area, so it was pretty easy to do.

The adult arcade is kind of a dirty place in an old gas station.  The parking lot is full of potholes, the doors are not painted, and it just looks like a dump.  I usually only stop if there is at least three vehicles there.   That way I will least have a good chance of some action.   The booths are lined up in a back room all on one side of a dark hall with little red lights on the top.  The red lights tell you the booth is full.   I stop into the first one with the door open.  It is the third one down.  It is not on an end so you have a chance on both ends.  The booths are small dark and dirty.  The glory holes are all different shapes.

I find the remote in the dark and turn on the small old TV.   I find a good channel and pull my pants down to my ankles.   The guy to my right is a pretty old guy.   He is watching some straight porn, and has his cock out of his zipper.  He doesn't want to do anything but watch.  I signal with a finger in the hole that I would suck him, but nothing.  About an hour before I had taken some good old prescription cock helper.   I was hard and stroking.   There was a guy on the right of the old guy too, but of course I didn't have access to him.  I sat there about 5 minutes and a guy walks in the booth to my left.   Looking through the hole, he was pretty fit, and not too old.

he got settled and pulled his pants down to his ankles.   He started playing with his limp dick.  It was nice looking and cut.  when I thought he was ready to go, I put a finger through the hole and he got up and put his cock up to the hole.  I reached out with my finger and touched it lightly.

As he put his rod through the hole, I put his cock in my mouth and was touching his balls with my fingers.   he was just the right size to go to the back of my throat, and didn't gag me.   I sucked him and deep throated him.  Periodically, I would stoke his cock with my hand.

He would start to fuck my mouth and slow down, and it was hot.   I sucked and stroked for about 5 minutes and he started to make a little moaning and I pushed back against him as hard as a could, and I could feel his warm manhood explode with a load of cream down my throat.  He was pushing back and I could feel his balls and cock throb on my lower lip and chin.  It was so HOT.

He of course zipped up and left.  I waited for about 7 more minutes for another guy to come, but no luck.  The guy to my right was still there, but no luck getting the old guy to let me suck him.

I then zipped up without cumming and left and went to my car.   Of course as I was pulling out another guy pulled in.   I think I was there about 30 minutes, and that is about as much time as I can waste on the trip.

Hold for several days, to hear about what happened on the rest of the long trip, and once I got to my destination.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Limp Dick

Another thing that happened on my last trip.  The night after I got with the hot young guy, I wanted to enjoy myself with a nice masturbation session.   I could not get it up for anything.  Well, maybe a couple minutes, and then limp again.  I was horny, so I got on the phone chat line, and met some hot guys, but still nothing.  I ended up taking some more prescription helper, but even after 45 minutes I couldn't stay hard.

Finally a little anal prostate stimulation helped me ejaculate, but still not hard Penis.

In the morning, I had a stiffy from the prescription, but still it was really weird.  The effects of getting older.  

Oh well.  back to the jacking off.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Nice Hot guy

I was way out in the boonies for several nights on a job, and was hanging out on Adam4Adam and a hot 34 year old came on line and started to message me.  We exchanged pics, and he decided he wanted to come to my hotel.  He was about 20 miles from me.  I was skeptical, but he turned out to be real hot...

He was real shy and didn't say too much, but loved to kiss and was real good at it.  I told him earlier that I did not have condoms, but had lube.  I spent some time on his hole with my finger and mouth, and what do you know.  The TOP wanted my cock.   Luckily I had taken some prescription helper, and was able to stay good and hard, but still needed the help of a cock ring.  

His cock stayed good and hard the whole time.  I wish I would have stopped, and let him fuck me... but he was enjoying me I got caught up in the moment.  He was nice and stayed around till I came, but as is typical, once he got off, he was not as interested.

I know how things could be out where he is, and being in the closet must suck.  I sent him an e-mail that said the following.

I just wanted to send an e-mail to reach out to you.  For nothing more than support, if you need it.  I know how tough it is to live where you do, and be "discrete", or what ever we want to label it.  Although I now live in Eastern XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Married and with children, I have struggled, and still struggle with the same things you do.  I grew up not far from you, went to school in XXXXXXXXXXXX, and went out in the world. 

You may have it all figured out, and if you do, that is great, but if you want to reach out to someone with no judgement let me know.  No expectations of meeting again, just conversation.  If you feel comfortable.  

Not replying is an okay response, that just tells me you are fine.

Let me know.

I hope I didn't go to far.  I just thought he was a real nice guy and that he may need someone to correspond with.  He may think I'm a creepy old man, but whatever is the case, I guess I think I did the right thing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Sex with my wife

I love my wife, and actually sex is pretty good with her, but we have not been intimate very much lately.  I decided to initiate the other night and well, it was bad.  It is really not her fault.  She is of the age where sex is painful for her post menopausal self.  We have talked about it a little, and I know she has tried some things from the doctor, but I try to be aware of it.  Some of the prescriptions she could get were not worth the money, because you have to do everyday, to have sex once a month.

I of course take some Viagra to make sure I can keep it up during the process of making sure it is comfortable for her.  That part is not very sexy.  She was pretty excited while I was digitally stimulating her, but she always wants me to stop before she orgasms. This time I couldn't get much in before I could tell by the look in her face that it was uncomfortable.  I just couldn't do it when I knew it was painful.  She may have let me, but I can't.

Maybe we will talk about it when it is right.   Shit she doesn't even know I take Viagra. I don't tell her, because I'm sure she would count it.   Want to know when I use it.

Life as a gay may married to a women.  Just one more challenge.

Friday, May 25, 2018

I wish I knew what this was all about?

There is a guy that is always 2 miles from me who has such a hot cock.  But his profile says.

"Good looking guy that wants to be a toilet for another.  If you are just a big talker that never actually wants to meet or a flake move along.  Looking for real experiences and not into wasting my time on bullshit.  I am a ver nice kind kinky guy."  It says he is "Out".

I'm intrigued.   I would pee on someone if they really ranted it, but I would NOT do any more.   I want to chat with him, but I think, ohhh I'm not going to meet him anyway, but just so damn curious.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What did he want?

While I was in Louisiana I was chatting with this guy.
This is all his profile said.  We talked on Wednesday, and I told him I may be available on Thursday.  This was the same day I scheduled to meet the BiMM from my last post, but he stayed in touch and I thought oh maybe, you never know.   

I guess I should have asked more questions.  Here is our conversation.  It is in reverse so read from the bottom up. I'm the oo691 he is 90.

I guess I was gullible, and with him being so coy I decided to play it safe.  I was a little nervous that he was a cop.   So I passed.  He was pretty good looking and had a great body.   

BTW.  I did bring some money and was thinking about hiring an escort.  I guess I saved some money this week.   I'll tell you, I did eat some amazing food though.  Went out with some fellow attendees of the meeting and had some crawfish one night and went to a real nice Italian place and had some great seafood.

Chat later.