Friday, May 20, 2016

Ahhhhh. Denver

Ahhhhh denver

Well, the two night in Denver were a bust online. Tonight I told myself if I found nothing on the line, I would go to the bathhouse. So after failing online at about 10 o'clock I headed to the bathhouse. It was about 30 minutes from my hotel. I had never been in the evening. And hoped that it would be busier than normal. I was right and when I got there their were quite a few guys. Most of them very hot. I sucked a few really nice penises. And had mine sucked pretty well. 
If you don’t have a room, it tends to be a free for all once someone gets some action going. After sucking the nice young guys big cock, I watch him get sucked by another Guy until he came. There was a nice looking thin black guy in the mix with dreds. He is the one who sucked me for a long time. 
I walked around some, and came back to dreds. He was sitting alone and so we got into a hot 69. I could tell he was wanting me to fuck him. I layed on top of him and rubbed his ass with my cock. We soon prayed ways again. I then started playing with another guy who put a condom on me and crawled on top. He had some fun for a while win my cock inside of him. Then I fell out. After that Dreds came back and he got on top of me and we kissed and I held him close. It was nice. We gave each other complements and enjoyed each other’s bodies. We ended that and I went to a glory whole and sucked and ate out a guy there. 
Then I went down a dark hall way to see the dreds guy getting the hell fucked out of him. I jacked off and watched. The hot guy blew his load and then I crawled on top and came in 30 seconds. 
Dreds and I went to the shower and showered together and talked a little. I gave him my email. If he can remember it. I got his name, but can’t recall it right now.
After getting back to the hotel at about my midnight. I see a hottie had measaged me on a4a. Of course it was too late, but we exchange pleasantries. Then I saw another guy about my age and only 1,000 feet away was on line. He was a top and that is what I needed. He wanted me to come to his room. It was late and neither of us wanted to leave our room. So we made tentative plans for in the morning. 
We will see if that works. I hope so. He is hot.