Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The roller coaster continues

You know my last post was slightly depressing.  But when my wife got home, it was as if nothing was said. This is my new normal.   I find that I can not have any emotions at home.  I should do nothing to upset this roller coaster we are on.  But I love it here, and I love being on this ride, so here I stay.

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  1. It can be tough. Very tough. And, I know how it feels to be on that ride. It took a long time before my wife and I got to a place where we learned not to misinterpret things like that. What made it worse for me is that she knew I was Bi even before she moved in; still she would make comments with undercurrents, hidden meaning, masked emotions. I loved her - still do - and refused to give in to the taunts. After a while they stopped. I think, maybe, it was because they no longer got the response she sought.
    Chin up, buddy. You are certainly not on the ride alone.

    1. Thanks. Its been seven years or so since I told my wife. It is definitely better, but I sometimes have the thought when we are working around the farm, if I could be doing all of this in vain. But remember it is not in vain. I'm living my life too.