Thursday, June 6, 2013

NPH-------------- He is my dream man.

NPH is hosting the Tony's again this Sunday.  I can't wait to watch him.

He is one man I find very hard to resist.  He will be 40 this month.

Everything here seems to be going well.  therapist is getting us talking a little, and we are both real busy right now.  Daughter is getting ready for college, and my wife's dad is still hanging in there.  Pretty well actually, but prognosis is not great.

So despite the changes it is going well.

But I'm always prepared when it seems to be going well shit always hits the fan.  Hopefully it will not.

Choices.   Make Good Choices, and Peace.

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  1. OMG, the opening of the 2013 Tony's were by FAR the best ever. I've watched it over and over on Youtube - have almost learnt all the words. :)