Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Sometimes I think I'm going nuts.  I sat down at my computer this morning at 8:00 started to work on a proposal for a customer. I didn't open my personal computer, or go to my blog, or read other's blog.  No e-mail, no porn.  I started to get withdrawals.  Anyway that is what I am calling it. I have been on the road, and not at my computer all but one day in the last two weeks, and today I am at home working.

My gut has this knot in it because I want to be on my computer.  So of course, here I am I opened up my computer and wrote a little ditty about it.  Will it stop here? I have work to do here.  I should just bust a nut and get the feeling gone, but instead I will just let it eat at me until I can get a release.  This is the biggest challenge of working from home.

Okay... is this an obsession or an addiction.

Edit:::::  20 minutes later, favorite Porn, favorite free chat line.... Ready to work.


  1. Dear not alone\
    I too have those feelings and I think that ithas to do with being around others of your owne kind. We play the part of being married so well that we just want to be ourselves on some level and this is it Good luck I love your Blog