Friday, March 21, 2014

Are hook-ups for me?

I'll tell you.  Lately, I have been re-thinking this hook up thing.  When I'm horny, I think about it often.  I remember all of the fun times I have had.  The problem is when I'm horny I don't think about all the close calls, and times that it just wasn't any good.

We have all had the times when we just didn't click with the other guy. Either because he didn't turn us on.  He sucked your tongue down your throat and wouldn't give it back, or was stinky, or you thought he was going to rob you, or you thought the wife would call, or .... or.... or.... or....

I think the thing is I'm not willing or able to take the time it takes to weed out the ones I don't want.  My big head says your not going to do this hook up thing any more, and then when I'm horny and my little head kicks in I am crunched for time, and I take the first thing that comes along.

I'm headed to Nashville in a couple weeks, and I keep thinking I should look around, but it probably won't happen.  When I'm horny, I think I should look at the sites, and make some plans.  But, won't probably do that.

I wish I could just hang it up.  Stick with the porn, the free chat line and the hand.  I usually feel better about that in the end anyway.


  1. Always a tough decision. I try and log on to Craigslist and A4A to check out the scene. Nashville should produce some promising results...even if you stay at The Opryland Hotel. Good Luck!

  2. That's good advice you gave yourself, and I hope you have the will power to take it. After all, the hookup is generally just instant gratification. But as you said, it's not all bad. Is the bang worth the buck? Only you can decide.