Sunday, March 27, 2016

Well... I'm still thinking about this

I'll tell you.  This was one night to remember.  I don't want to exaggerate, but it was real nice.  I think there was a large part of anticipation, that caused it to be so nice, but I think the coolest thing, is that we both had expectations, but they aligned so well.  I think the time we spent getting to know each other a little better were so nice.  The fact that we are both happy and content in our own separate relationships was a nice fact as well.  I do think that is sometimes why married guys, or partnered guys play so well together.  They know what their time together is all about.  We talked about our families, and how accepting or not they were, and I felt more than a sexual bond when we left.

The only thing I wish I would have done differently is be more selfish the next morning, and get in the shower with Bruce.  I will have to say it was a small shower, but I would have loved to bend over and pick up the soap in front of him and get off one more time.  He would have been a little later at the airport, but it would have been nice.

I was lucky and after I got back to the hotel room, I went back to sleep for a couple hours.  I also kinda brushed off work and took a nap in the afternoon as well.

I think this has made me want to search for more sex while I'm on the road.

If you want to see a short video.  Here it is.


  1. Typically, it is a position of traveling for work that enables many married guys to seek out sex with other guys. I pretty much avoided out-of-town hookups when I traveled for work. For some reason, I preferred finding men who were closer and available on a more spur-of-the-moment basis. You know, "Hey, I have a couple free hours, want to meet and have some fun?"
    Talking - I mean really talking - always improves things. It's about more than getting the rocks off; for me, anyway. It's so nice to find out how they handle the need to get off with other guys, to know we are not the only ones who are very happily married, love our wives and families, and just enjoy a few hours with a buddy. I'll take some heat for this, but, yeah, for me it's like sitting in the Man Cave with the guys watching a game - except our sport of choice is busting nut together; being able to enjoy our cocks without shame.

  2. I agree with everything you said, but because of the need for staying under the radar, when I'm on the road works the best. I don't get the spur of the moment thing much anymore. Actually when I didn't travel and worked in an office, I did a lot of lunch time hook ups.

    BTW... Love your blog.

  3. Thanks! And thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment - I really appreciate it!

  4. If I would have stayed, I would have wanted to nap with you. And then showered. And then played and napped and another shower. But then I think my dick would fall off. ;-)