Thursday, June 28, 2012

My weekend adventure!

Well My wife and I had a great time on our vacation.

In our cabin we had no TV, no Phone Connection, No cell Phones, Texts.

We did have air conditioning, refrigerator, stove, microwave, nice hot shower.  We also took along our i-pads for reading, and playing games together, and individually.

Like I said it was a good trip.  There were some bumps.

The first night, my wife came to bed naked, and of course.............  Well, lets just say she enjoyed it.  I did as well, but didn't have that ever important (to her) Orgasm.....  Well it made her say, "We need to figure this out."  She started to cry........  Not how you want to end sex.  It was pitch dark in the cabin.  We started to talk about what we were going to do.  I told her I didn't want to be "out", and I didn't see myself anywhere else.  She feels like she has me trapped in a corner. I didn't respond much.  I just shut down during important conversations. She reminded me of our discussion about how she said she could live without sex, and I said I couldn't.  I did remind her that the hand does work wonders.  I think to her it was resolved.

We held each other, I think we both slept well, but I woke up with questions internally, about how the rest of the trip would go.   We had a great rest of the vacation, and even had sex two days later, and I did have the bit "O".  It is so much pressure, to know that if I don't find it exciting at the moment, that she is going to cry.   

The rest of the time we(she) talked alot about the future.  Like we will do "this" in three years, etc...  I don't think I'm more confused, but I do think we can go on like this.  I need to curb my sexual apatite, but I think we should continue for a while longer.

Not that I will change, but we will be able to talk about it more clearly when time has passed, and we have more options........   I do worry about her.  She stays so busy so she doesn't have to think about anything.

So the weekend was great and relaxing.  My wife is fun to be around when there is no pressure, and that is how we need to be for now.  Our daughter is gone for several more days.  We may get around to "talking" more, but we will just see.

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  1. That's great man. I know it will be tough but try not to completely shutdown during those conversations. Leaves your wife having an internal conversation with herself and passing judgments with very little reasoning. Her feeling like she has you in a corner means she at least has thought about the possiblity of separating. It wouldn't be the worse thing to happen between you two but there is no telling how your daughter would be affected. My parents split when I was in college and though it was frustrating, I wasn't hurt the way my sibs in high school were. Hang in there if you must but don't agonize over it.