Monday, November 26, 2012

Out Q - Gay Radio

I listen to out Q out XM radio a lot when I'm on the road.  Not always because of the "gay" talk, but because it is entertaining.  They other day.  My wife decided to take my car to work, and I had left the station on OutQ.

She called very upset.  We had a brief conversation on the road about how I need to just go and be happy.

We had more discussion about the "gay" topic then we have in a long time.

The one thing I told her that sticks in my mind.  Is I'm Okay with me, how I am right now.  But I hate that she got so hurt by it. Physically and emotionally.  She says she will NEVER trust anyone again.  Probably won't.

Not much more to say.  Could be a wild Christmas.  

I know we will be having a talk soon about where we go.  I think this took the scab off of the wound.

I'm putting on a brave face every day.  Don't know where this will lead.


  1. Be strong. You are beautiful just the way you are.