Monday, January 23, 2017

Doctor checks my prostate

This morning I went to the doctor, mostly for a check-up (Cholesterol, etc...).  My wife was also bugging me to go because I have been having some abdomen pain.  It was infrequent, but she thought I should go.  So I did.

Well I did get my prostate checked, I love when the Doctor explains the best way to take a finger.... I smile and say to myself.  I think I know how to do this better than you....  LOL

I did also tell him I was having problems keeping an erection.  He was going to check my Testosterone levels.  He told me that if it is not the T levels, than he will likely prescribe a low dose generic Viagra.  He said that if you take three of them it will do the job.  The reason he does that, is because the other is about $30 for a single dose.   I wanted to tell him that when I bought some on the internet i was taking 1/4 of a 100 mg and was fine.  He said that the generic Viagra was for a different diagnosis and came in 25 mg doses, and to take about 3 of them.

But first thing first.  We will see if the T is low or not.
Image result for colby keller naked
Funny thing is I was just stroking, and I kept it hard the whole time.  Maybe it was because I was watching Colby Keller.  He is my dream man.

Well we will see what comes of this. The Job adjustment starts today.  I am still busy, but it feels good.  Only one work master to worry about.

Talk to you all later.  


  1. Good luck with everything. I have had off an on problems like you, with no real pattern. I tried viagra and Cialis and they do the trick, but I am left with a headache afterward. Colby Keller...yes.

    1. I have used viagra before, and I always took an advil soon their after. That helped the headache. Still had that damn stuffed up nose and red eyes, but usually the sex was worth it. We will see how much it costs, etc... and go from there.

      Colby Keller!!!! Yes!!!!

  2. Because T levels fluctuate so much (they dwindle as the day advances), it could be that whacking off to Colby Keller added a bit to the arousal, but your T levels could've been higher at that particular time of the day.
    Anyway, I'm glad you talked to the doc about this. Too many men are too embarrassed to discuss anything below the belt with their physicians. Me? I saw my doc yesterday. We discussed the issues with my balls. She's sending me for another Ball Ultrasound...(last time I got a raging boner). Then to a Urologist to see about (finally) taking care of the Varicoceles.

    1. The Doctor said we may need to do more tests for the T levels is this is low. I hope your tests go well.