Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Boy, was San Diego Fun

NOT.   San Diego was a bust.  It was my fault though.  I was going for a three day seminar, and a long ass test afterwards.  The test was 4 hours and 200 questions, very technical, and I was not ready for it.   So every night I was in San Diego I had to study.   I did find one guy that wanted to come over.  It likely would have been fun, but I just had to focus on my work...

I did get some good masturbation in, but that was the extent of it. 

Probably the highlight of the trip was the discussion I had with my Uber driver.  He was a young guy... about 28, good looking and had a good story.  He had moved out to San Diego from Florida about 3 months earlier with his 32 year old boyfriend.  They had known each other for about 6 months prior to that.  He had started school and was interning in his field.  I enjoyed talking to him, and imagining it was me moving with my boyfriend, instead of getting married when I was his exact age.  

As far as the rest of life.  Things are fine here.  Just more of the same with the wife and family.  dealing with parental health issues etc.   After I changed my job I have been much happier.  Not traveling as much.  I have been keeping pretty busy, but for some reason, right now have a few gigs, but kind of slow.  I hope it picks up or the bank account is going to suffer. 

All in all pretty happy.

Hope like with you is good as well.


  1. Atleast your happier with your new job :) I def like making small talk with my Uber drivers. Most of them have really interesting lives.

    1. I do like only having one job. Now I need to work to bring in more business.

      Uber drivers are interesting. I'm thinking if I have slow times, maybe I will do some. I really enjoy driving, and it could be fun.

  2. Pleased to hear you are doing well. All work and no play...

    But, stay focused on the study. Save the cock play and jack off to relieve the stress.

  3. We will see if I pass. I may have more studying to do. It has been 2 weeks, and they say it will take 4 weeks to find out.... ahhhhhh the waiting.