Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Curse.

Summer is such a curse.   I have always hated it since I was a young boy.  I didn't like working on the farm, I didn't like the heat, or the sunscreen, or sunburns.  I just wanted to be inside.  Maybe the worst thing now is that there are all these beautiful men running around with their shirts off.   

You may think that is a glorious thing, but for a gay man in the closet it is a curse.  You want to stare, but you can't...... someone might notice you staring.  I hate driving down the road with someone in my family, and we get close to a gorgeous bare chested man. I look, but very quickly, sometimes out of the corner of my eye.
Then there is the part about going home all horned up. No way to take care of the feeling that a cold shower wouldn't even cure. 

I guess I will live with it, but dang it is hard.


  1. The worst is when you catch a glimpse of a guy out of the corner of your eye, but don't want to be be obvious by turning and staring, but you somehow make a reason to turn to catch a second glimpse and he's gone.

    Weren't sunglass invented for the purpose of staring at someone without others knowing that you are staring?

    I now that when I ride my bike on the trails that I will do extra laps if there is a chance of seeing, just for a second, a shirtless guy with a great looking body.

    A lot of guys do this, I would guess, even the ones that are 100% straight. I doubt that all the subscribers to Men's Health are getting the magazine just to look at the pictures of guys, but they are looking non the less.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog. I totally understand what you mean when you try not to look, especially if you are with family.

    I am struggling with the same thing you are...

    I was just in the grocery store today trying not to look at the guys and to focus on the produce...

  3. I just try to not get in a wreck if I'm driving.
    Wife, "What happened."
    Husband, "I was looking at a hot guy run by. He didn't have is shirt on so I was staring at him when the person in front of me slowed down."
    Not Cool.

  4. Yeah, I know what you mean. It is better if you are not behind the wheel of a car, and you are wearing sunglasses. Then you can look...even safety...