Thursday, October 13, 2011

People Watching

Are you like me?  I am sitting at a Panera, watching people.  I love to watch people, but mostly Men.  It drives my wife crazy, because she thinks I'm always watching the guys.  Okay.  I am.  But it still drives her crazy. 

Two men meet, shake hands. One is is shorts and a sports team logo shirt and shorts, while the other one is in a suit.  They order tea and a coffee. Sit down so I can see "watch" them. I try hard to hear what they are saying.  The first thing I think is, are the meeting for the first time?  Are they going to meet here and see if it is a fit to hook up?  Both have wedding rings.  can't really tell what they are saying but it seems they know each other.   hmmm...

Another nice looking guy with a ring and a polo shirt sits in the corner, his computer screen faces the wall.  Is he trying to find a hook up on Craigslist?  I see him when he leaves.  I think he looks me over, when he leaves. 

two more men meet and one eats.  The other has a coke.  only one has a wedding ring.  They go outside to eat, and talk. 

I see a nice looking shorter man come in with shorts and a running shirt.  He has really hairy legs.  I love hairy legs.  Is he gay?  He may be.  Another man comes in alone with his computer.  He is bald with a goatee.   He is HOT.  I love bald men.  He is pretty tall as well.  I love looking at him.  He was going to sit right next to me, but then he gets up and leaves.  DAMN. 

A nice looking man has been painting since I got here.  He has great biceps.  He just looked at me and smilled.  Does he want me.  NO... Damn.  He is talking with one of the female workers. here.  They are together.  

It goes on, and on.  No wonder I can't work in a public place.   I'm too busy.

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