Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Underwear

 I need some new underwear....

I think these would do. Actually I like trunks....
2 xist Essential No-Show Trunk
The weird thing is my wife gets upset when ever I talk about new underwear.  She thinks I am trying to look good for someone else.  There are other things I would like but can't because she sees each of the "new" things as going out of the box, and it reminds her of changes I made before I told her I was gay.  She doesn't want any changes.

My daughter and I talked about tattoos the other day.  I told her I would take one.  She told my wife, and she said, "Since when did you decide you wanted a tattoo?"

Triton 8.0mm Comfort Fit Tungsten and Carbon Fiber Engraved Wedding Band - ZalesI said, "I told you that I would take one over the heart, and exactly what I would want it to be."  She denies it, but I have told her at least two or three times.  She just blocks out any change.
Men's 10.5mm Tri-Tone Stainless Steel Link Bracelet - Zales
So for now, no new jewelry.  I want a new ring or bracelet.  I don't wear either now.  No new underwear, unless she is around when I do it and the others have holes in them.  No tattoos.  No new shoes....
Waaaa!  Waaaa!


  1. Isn't underwear the gay man's jewellry?

    Take a look at

  2. Underwear is pretty much underwear to me. I recently got a few pair with some spandex in them, and their in the line up with all my existing underwear. Personally I would rather spend my money in other ways, than expensive underwear.

    I agree that someone that is married and switching underwear, it becomes something to consider more than just how your junk is going to look when you check yourself out in the mirror.

    1. I agree about spending the money. I don't ever buy the expensive stuff, and even if I could, I would probably only have one or two of these $50 pair for when I wanted to show it off.....

    2. There are many online sellers for underwear:
      international jock
      jockstrap central

      I've only ordered from aussiebum (and also C-in2). Aussiebum often has free shipping.

      There are also some blogs to follow which have regular promos:

    3. I love underwear and have a lot of them. I buy them, but never make a big deal out of my purchase. I NEVER skimp on what I want and wouldn't spend more than $25 for a pair. I can catch a sale so usually drop around $15. My favorites are 2(X)ist, Calvin Klein, Papi, Hugo Boss and ES. Having nice underwear is not asking a lot.

  3. My underwear choices became more and more "gay" as the years passed, long before I admitted or realized that I was gay.