Sunday, April 9, 2017

Life at 50 something.... So What...

I'll tell you, I just watched part of Tyler Perry's Madea movies.  Madea was giving the family hell and giving a life lesson at the same time.  She said that marriage when the couple is between 40 and 50 is the toughest time.  "The hu'ban is goin' t'ru Mid-life crises, and the wife is goin' t're minipause.  The kidts are nuts. having to take care of parents."  So true.

Image result for daddy bear masturbate50 is looking so calm.  Exciting decisions, trying to plan for more rest, the retirement.  You are on a "Don't care so much." roll.  Just want to be happy.

So what if I don't want to have sex so much.
So what if I want to sit in my room and masturbate.
So what if I now only jack-off once a week at home.
So what if I'm holding out for the perfect hook-up.
So what if I want to stay married to my wife, even though I'm gay.
So what if I need to take a little vitamin V, get it up.

Just So what.  


  1. That's what we evolve to. And, it's actually a good thing. We realize that we don't HAVE to fit into some bullshit pattern of accepted behavior. We can be ourselves. If that means jacking off once a week because it's where we are in life, we don't mind. And neither should anyone else. If an extended case of hornies hits us, we welcome it, but we don't pine for it. We're content to let things be, we no longer care about being society's "normal." It's actually a GREAT place to be.

  2. If it works for you.....then it's ok. Don't sweat it!