Monday, June 6, 2016

Second weekend home alone

Nothing to write about sexually...   Had to even force myself to masturbate...  Just wasn't into it.

 Kinda bored with life right now.   That is dangerous.  
The idle hand (bored life.) is the devils play thing.  
Better get to work soon!


  1. It is a bit scary when there's nothing grabbing your attention. Never had to force myself to masturbate, tho. :)

  2. maybe go to the bathroom ?

  3. We all go through periods of disinterest...and yes, even with sex. It's nothing to be concerned about unless it goes on for too long. And, by that I mean more than one or two weeks.
    Hope today is better for you, and tomorrow better than today!

    1. Thanks for your comments as always. I'm not necessarily worried about the non interest. It has happened before. The timing of the non-interest is discerning. It is when I'm home alone and could have if I found appropriate participants had a little man on man contact. But I'm okay with the dis-interest for now.