Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Well, I just posted how I wasn’t in the mood for much, and then a 25 year old messaged.  Me... He likes older.  2 miles from me. well.....  what do you do.  Go to his place.   He came to the door and he was a cute, slightly chubby guy, but nice beard and had a great smile.  We sat on the futon and we started reaching for each others cocks.   We jacked each other for a while and I could tell he didn't really want to kiss.  He then sucked my cock for a while.  He was pretty good at it.  Then I was jacking him pretty good, and he said, "Slow donw,  I'm close."  He had several drops of precum leaking out, and I tasted it. MMMM.. tasty....
He sucked on me again, and then I got on my knees and sucked and stroked him..   I put my face in his crotch, and loved his smell.  He said he was getting close to cumming, and I just kept sucking.  He asked, "Do you want it?"  I responded by continuing to suck his 5.5 inch cock, ans sucked down his cum.  He smiled, and I sat next to him.... He played with me a little bit, and I said, that he could play with it all he wants, buy I won't come for a while.  He said we need to get together when we have more time.  
I got in the car and went to the grocery store.   I was a little nervous about this one, because He did live in my home town, on a busy highway.  I just went for it, and hope no one I know drove by and will mention that they saw me there....
That was the best gift of the day!!!!!.


  1. Nice, we should all get suck a nice gift!

  2. All men should be able to give themselves that kind of gift, I.E., doing something which gives them pleasure. Happy Father's day!