Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Coming out Video

I want you to follow this guy on YouTube.  He has a new post out where he tells his mother.  She still loves him, "But I'm worried about your soul.  You should be too."  I think he should have said.  I have been working on that and struggling through that.  Why do you think it has taken me this long to tell you.

Watch it and let me know what you think.

Here is his video on coming out to his dad.

Compare and contrast.....  I have been thinking alot about how my family would react.  I don't know that I'm getting closer to telling them, but I continue to think about it.

I have noticed that when I am thinking about it more, I don't talk to my parents at all, or any one else in my family.  I wait for them to call me.  It can be three to four weeks before anyone calls me.  I know it is very selfish, but I think that this is my way to judge how much they care, or need me when they think I am straight.  Now if/when I tell them, how often do they call me.....


  1. I love the part where he says he doesn't want to tell his mom when he is married to a woman and has two kids. What's wrong with that? LOL.

    It would be harder for me to tell my mother too, but she has grandkids that she is very proud to have. Deep down, I believe that my mother knew or currently suspects something is making me unhappy, but she is just too afraid to ask what is going on inside my head.

  2. Exactly... There is something wrong with having a wife and kids when you are gay? Hmmmm..... :)

    My mom would be the easy one. She is just so much easier to talk with. My dad is a bad communicator, and I think it would bug him much more.

  3. Not Alone, it does not seem like you have anything to lose about telling your parents. You have superficial communication with them as it stands. Reading between the lines, this unwillingness to share important feelings has already cost you intimacy with your family.

  4. Robert:

    You are right. It has cost me intamacy with my family. The dynamics are much more complicated. I am not ready to tell anyone, my wife is not ready to tell anyone, I don't want my kids to know right now.
    It would have been easy if I would have had the courage in the early 90's to admit who I am. Now, I have others to think about before or if it is told. For now, I'm living my life the best I can.

    Thanks for the comments. each one gives me some insight.