Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gay in the Media

I don't care if you like Taylor Swift's singing, but you have to admit, that she can write a story, and put it to music.  The only reason she can be called the "Entertainer of the Year" is that she can pack a house. I ran across a couple of her stories that were redone quite well.

The "Love Story" video remake is just her music with a semi story line clipped together.  It is nice, fine and romantic young gay love story.

  Below is "You belong with me."  It is a complete remake of the video done with a male singer.  He sounds pretty good if you ask me, and the production was done well also. 

These are just fun..........

My more and more we are watching this on the internet and TV, more people are seeing gay as okay.  Even if they don't see it as "normal".  They are seeing it more, and allowing it to be okay. 

I watched Glee last night.  I have to watch it when no one else is around.  My daughter thinks it is stupid that a grown man likes to watch it, and my wife doesn't like to watch anything with gay themes.  So, I watch it alone.  Many times it is good that I watch it alone, because I end up crying like a baby.  Last night Kurt and Blaine went to a gay bar.  They both lost their virginity later in the episode, and I think the show did it very tastfully.  Writters did it in contrast to a hetro couple in which the female lost her virginity as well.  Tit for "bat"should I say. 

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