Thursday, November 10, 2011

Davey Wavey coming out advice

I don't know if you all watch Davey Wavey on YouTube.  He is a gay twenty something that has a web blog.  His work is real professional, and I enjoy listening to him. Besides he has a nice body.  He has done a video recently from Rhode Island.  I enjoyed watching it and thought you might as well. 

I have been watching lots of coming out stories lately. I know I am out to my wife, but that is it.  I don't think I am ready yet, but I think I am preparing myself.  I remember when I was preparing to tell my wife, I would look for apartments, think about how I would make it after the outing, and after I got kicked out.  I think this is kind of in preparation in case I am forced out. 

I am not really feeling the necessity to come out, I think I am just subconsciously preparing mentally.


  1. Lot's of anxiety about how people will react!

  2. I know the feeling RB. I think watching these get me into how the others will react as well as how to do it.