Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Am I evil or just a sinner

Okay.  I'm struggling with posting again.  I don't no how open to be with my readers.  Everything I have ever written on here is true, but sometimes, I'm still afraid of being judged.  I know for the most part it is anonymous, but I know a few of my buddies read what I have written.

I hate to be judged, and I hate confrontation.  Why do you think I'm in this mess in the first place. I'm not perfect.  I call my self a Christian, and I do things that some would say make me NOT a Christian.  But I don't disagree with that.  All Christians are sinners, do things that are wrong. But when do they move from wrong and a sin, to evil? Because you know better, and should do better.

Let me know.  I have something written, that I want to express, but am scared.


  1. I don't believe in sin, myself. Or 'evil' for that matter. I believe in right and wrong. I wish you the best though, man. Really hope whatever mess you're talking about fixes itself. Life is too short. Take care.

    1. Thanks for your response. I also believe in right and wrong. I guess the question when does doing something wrong become doing something wrong that can't be forgiven. I guess you may not believe in forgiveness either.

      Again thanks for reading and the response.

  2. Being raised with Christian guilt hammered into your head for a lifetime must take its toll. I'd post whatever you have written and let the chips fall where they may. If you can't be honest and self-revealing in this forum where can you be?

  3. I say you need to be as open as possible. I am like you - very conflict adverse and don't like to be thought of poorly. Obviously your friends you have shared this blog may have reactions. So it is a risk you run. You may be surprised how supportive they will be of you. And you do see from the comments that lots of others are rooting for you.

  4. I know that some thoughts and feelings are difficult to express, Not Alone, but you have an opportunity to vent here and get helpful feedback. It's risky because there are plenty of judgmental souls out there who might be condemning, but I'd encourage you toward honesty. The difference between sin and evil, in my opinion, is the intent. We all sin, but evil is intentional harm. If you're up to sharing your thoughts, you may find you are truly not alone.

  5. I'm with Buddy. You gotta be you. Say what's on your mind. Jesus would have expected it!

  6. I wish I could help. It's painful to hear the angst in your post. Everyone must do what they feel is right, but posting about it can't be wrong, can it? Get it off your chest man. Buddy Bear is right.

  7. I think it's human nature to judge. The tough part is learning to ignore those judgments. Because, in the end, do they really matter? All what really matters is what you think of yourself, and whether you can forgive yourself. All we can do is offer perspective.

    But Buddy Bear is right. Where else are you going to find a "safe" haven to express yourself than here? You must know that your blog attracts readers with like interests, and who are in similar situations. (And you have the power to delete any comments that you don't like)