Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Test, Damn will power and stupidity

I didn't really understand this, but there are two types of tests you can get.  One is an antibody test.  It tests for the antibodies that fight HIV.  These could show up from 2 weeks,  to 6 months.  By 3 months 97% of the people will show the antibodies in the testing.  This is the type I just took, and can be done at many free clinics. Again, if you are interested in where I got mine, send a comment and I will send you some info.  I won't show your comment if you ask.

The other test is a test that looks for the actual HIV virus.  It can be done relatively quickly.  It is not cheap, ($179) but can get you results with in several days.  There is a service that can do this for you.  You pay on line or at 7-11 and then go to a "local" lab and get it done.  I have signed up and am going tomorrow. I wish I would have researched and did this last week.  I should know by my birthday at the end of next week!!!!! 

But to keep my wife safe, for peace of mind and to keep my life free of complications, this is a small price to pay. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Take care all...... and thanks again for the concern and encouragement to continue to NOT BE STUPID, and have some self control.

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  1. The second test is more expensive. Most people will be fine with the cheaper test, but looking for the virus itself is preferred if you do sex work of any kind, patronize hookers, or are really deep into hookup culture. For the first one, it paus for itself. (Seriously, I had college buddies who did fap videos and earned over $1000 per film. For sex with another man, you earn much more. Interestingly enough, straight porn pays less. Even a double penetration scene, where both guys' dicks touch and get covered in the mixture of their loads, is like, half that.