Friday, February 10, 2012


I had my blood drawn yesterday for a early detection test for HIV. The whole process has went really smoothly.  I called the company. They sent instructions to pay at 7-11, and Lab instruction.  Went to the lab, and they didn't ask any questions.  They looked at the paper work, and then did the test. (I probably could have used a different name and date of birth, but that makes me more nervous.)  They don't have address or phone number.  I also used a incorrect Zip Code.  Then later went to 7-11.  The clerk didn't quite know how to take the payment, but the instructions for him on the paper were really simple.  I gave him the money and he gave me a receipt.  Now....... I am waiting the results.

I am hopping they come quickly, because I want to have relations with my wife.  I Pray they come before next Tuesday, as it is Valentines day.    

I have been very stand offish with my wife, and we have not be intimate for about three weeks.  This is the longest we have gone for a a while, and I'm sure she is getting anxious about it. I try to cuddle without getting handzy.  I know that she is very unlikely to make the move.  I am actually not in the mood either.  I haven't even made love to myself :) but once a week.  It does help that I am really busy with my two gigs.

So for now.... Waiting... could be tomorrow, or up to 5 days.  I hope they didn't mean business days.


  1. I am sure you are fine, relax and all will be well

  2. Hope things work out. I pray at the gym a lot and will add you to my thoughts tomorrow.

    1. Thanks....... I appreciate it. I know this is wrong, but sometimes it is hard to pray for something that was caused by being stupid.