Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ash Wednesday

I went to Ash Wednesday service at my church last night.  It was a very thought provoking service.  Beautiful Choral music. Of course the pastor talked about sin, and how God loves us even though we are sinners.  It was healing in an odd way.  I thought of my own mortality, and how whether I'm out and gay, or in and gay he loves me just the same. Whether I'm dead or alive, he loves me.

I did think about giving something up for lent, or doing something special just for lent.  

Do you do something special during lent?  I thought about not watching porn for 40 days.  It could be done, but it would be hard.  Maybe just not watching video.  I also thought about reading out of the bible every day. Boy those two are on extremes....

Again, What are you doing? 


  1. I'm adding something instead of giving up something...a little exercise into my life. Trying to make healthier food choices, too. And reading a devotional each day during Lent.

  2. I would agree with Adam about doing something more constructive than just into self-denial. Maybe you could work on limiting viewing of porn videos into a context in which your would use the time you normally would be viewing a porn video to some other more constructive activity.

    1. Good point.... I will work on that goal.