Friday, March 16, 2012

Heading back to Orlando

I'm heading back to Orlando, and of course both my heads are spinning.... 
One is thinking how nice it would be to cuddle up in the arms of a man, and the other one is saying how stupid it would be.  I have started too look for a play mate.  Of course there are lots of takers.  When I say lots I mean about 10 from one ad.  

Most of them look really good.  I always question the ones that look too good.  I wonder if it is a scam.  

I will probably meet up with one of them, but when you get lots of choices, it is hard to make a decision.  Some will flake out by then, and others will have conflicts.  I always keep my options open till the last minute.  I hate doing it, but I have been left with no one before.

Then on the other side there is the deceitfulness I feel I am pulling on my wife. She still doesn't completely trust me, so I have to stay in contact a lot, and my playtime is limited.  It is not like we don't have sex any more, but it has become very limited, but I know she sees that as a sign.  But honestly we have both been very busy, and I haven't been in the mood much.  My daughter is staying up later also.  My wife is so nervous that she can hear everything from our room.  It may be true, but it makes it hard to find time for some private time.  

So Next week will be a test of will power.  I will hook up, I know it.  


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  1. I'd say that 10 responses from one ad is very good! It might be the "fresh meat syndrome" at play.