Monday, March 19, 2012

First Gay Bar Ever!

Wow everyone. Tonight I went to my first gay bar ever. I'm in Orlando for the week and I thought, "Well tonight I'll just go out to eat and stop by the bar before I went back to the hotel." This is very unusual for me. I usually don't do things like that. Take that kind of risks. I know you may say, that shoot I take risks all the time. I have written about them. But this is a different risk for me. I never really liked going to bars by myself. I feel uncomfortable. Like a lump on a wall.

 Well. I pushed myself to a limit. I went in and the first thing I noticed was the smoke.... I hate smoke. I pushed through it and ordered a beer, sat at the bar. I drank my beer, and was about ready to go when the bar tender asked if I wanted another one, it was happy hour. I decided what the hell. So I had another one. No one talked with me the whole time. I sat, and read a LGBT magazine.

 Half way through the second beer, I notice people we going outside. I went out and said, "Hi." to a guy sitting down. He was bigger than I would normally pick, but really I thought I would just talk with him. Soon. I decided he was interested in more, and I wAs falling for him, not his body. He interested me. So we started to get closer. And we talked more about us and our life. It was nice. I sat next to him and we started to talk more, touch more.

He was not a regular, as you could tell they were all talking with each other. We did go to a corner of the back area and do some kissing and light foundling. He was too nervous in this setting, and didn't want to come back my hotel, because he worked tomorrow. I was disappointed, but understood. We talked a little longer, and then we left. It was fun because we followed each other's cars for a little while. Okay. Will I keep my hands off of my cock tonight and not watch porn? If you remember I gave that up for Lent. I had a good time. I'm glad I went. Who knows I may go back.


  1. I've never been to a gay bar either, and I've thought about doing it as well when I am on business trips. Might be better than the usual cruising online in my hotel room, eneviatably disappointed in myself for wasting a fine evening.