Thursday, July 19, 2012

FDA Approves Pill to Prevent HIV

FDA approves Truvada, first pill to prevent HIV infections

This is good news, but I have some reservations...

First...  will people take it so they can have more bareback sex?

I think they will.. There are other STD's... and they will not be prevented by this Truvada.... Will we see more bareback porn?

Second...  is it really going to work?

I don't know that I want to test it out. 

Third...  it is going to cost an arm and a leg

Insurance companies will be forced to pay for it so we can have unprotected sex.... The article says it will cost $13,500 a year.  Will only rich people and those who have good Health Insurance be able to afford it.  Will "Obamacare" see this as preventative?

Good questions... It we can get the all people in the world to take it for three generations, maybe we could eradicate it from the earth.  I guess that can be a hope.

Here is an article on it.

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