Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Post Nuptual Meeting with Attorney

Well my wife has been nudged to get an appointment with the lawyer next week.  Her dad's illness has got her off of dead center.

I wanted her to make this contact. She has the name of the lawyer she wants to use, and I thought it needed to be her deal.  Basically, all we need to do is have an agreement that anything that comes from her family is hers, and anything that comes from my family is mine if we get divorced.  That it will not be split 50-50.

I think this will precipitate her parents giving her the house we live in and the farm around it.  Just like my parents have already given me all the land that is mine.

It will be a good move, and I feel good about it.  I think it will remove the financial pressure if a divorce occurs.  There are still many things in the house that would need to be split, but that will be much easier.

There are also retirement accounts and other financial assets, but all of those were added since the marriage, so those are easy to split and valuate.

Last post about this.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. It sounds like you're both making excellent progress! Well done! A non-adversarial separation and divorce will benefit your children hugely, both financially and by the fact that both parents will end up on friendly enough terms to make effective, joint parenting decisions.

    Also, knowing how both of you will end up financially after a possible divorce is of primary importance especially to the "wife of.." It will clear her mind when she's dealing with everthing else.

  2. It sounds like she's making plans for a move. Are you ready for something that could happen sooner than expected?