Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cruising the M4W when you really want M4M

A nice guy that I came in contact with from my blog and I have had some great conversations on Google chat, and he told me about one of his tactics to find guys to have fun with.  I haven't tried it, but he cruises the M4W section of Craigslist and sends a nice message to them.

Very nice, like, "How's the luck with the ladies?  Male/30 could take care of you.  Good luck." 

He says he has a 20% success rate or so.   Hmmmmm, I might try.  I love meeting other married guys like he does. 


  1. The odds on success seem higher than I imagined. But the polls show that over 20% of all american men, including married ones, are actively gay or bi, or are not self-defined as gay/bi but have had sex with a man, or are actively fantasizing about sex with a man. Other studies indicate maybe 5 to 10% of all married men have had sex with another man during the marriage at least once. And half of all married men have had sex with someone outside their marriage (too bad the studies don't tell us how many of those are man-to-man adventures)

    Give it a try and see how many "bi-curious" married or single guys there are out there looking for sex of any kind...the under 40 crowd is more open to fluid sexuality than ever, to the point that there is an emerging new category of male sexuality according to some experts "straight men who occasionally have sex with a guy".

  2. My husband was one of those men. He began, and I did verify this through his CL dummy account, searching for a woman or perhaps a 3some. He says that time after time all he found was a man or men offering to step in and help him out. I am not blaming you or those other men for my husband lacking integrity. I am saying that choosing to lack integrity yourself, and assisting other men is making decisions that lack integrity is not without real damaging consequence. I know because I have been the collateral damage in this particular scenario. I am sure that you can do it, and have reasonable success in such an endeavor. Perhaps the more ethical choice would be to search for single gay/bi men or single/bi men in open relationships.

    1. You know... I never did do this.... I probably never will. Thanks for the "straight" talk.