Monday, July 23, 2012

One more encounter with the "Shit, Shit, Shit" guy

No I don't mean the real shit.  I had to interact with the guy from the post "Shit, Shit, Shit".  End's up he is a councilor at my daughters camp.  As we walked in to register, he was at the table with 4 other friendly faces.  I kind of backed up, and let my daughter take care of most of the checking in as I stood with my wife.  The kid got up quickly when he saw me.

He moved back to the tee shirts, that he was responsible for, so I couldn't tell if he got up because he was interested in be efficient with his job, or because he saw me, and recognized me.  I know he recognized me.  How could he not.....

He did give my daughter an awkward hug, and the strange interaction didn't take long.  So it was a weird day.  He is kind of a shy kid anyway, but I still have a worry that he will be forced by his conscious to say something to someone, who will not be so quiet.  Just a bad thing...........

Also the first time we took my daughter to this camp 4 years ago, is when I told my wife I was gay.  We(mostly my wife.) make sure we are super busy after we drop her off, to keep our minds off of that crazy day.....

We also talked about the pre-nup again, which is of course brought on by her father being ill.  I think it is a good thing, and will bring up some discussion.

I will also be out of town for two nights this week.  My wife will have some alone time to think.  I hope she slows down enough to do some thinking about life.


  1. Getting an HIV test is not an admission the you sleep around with guys , it's just a test. He knows why he was there and could only speculate why you were there, so you shouldn't let it bother you.

    1. You are probably right...... He probably feels weirder than I do.